Pal Mickey


I’ve read all about Pal Mickey from Deb’s website and the travel books and would appreciate some views from the experts at Disney Central. What do you think of this purchase? We will be going in February with group of 8 from ages 4 to 76. Is it worth the purchase? I’ve heard problems with the transportation of Mickey and having him in a place that allows everyone to hear what he has to say. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge of this magical place!


We purchased it for ds 5. He used it a some the first few days. This was the previous version before the upgrade. He still plays with it at home some times. It was hard to hear. You really have to hold it up to hear it. I would say in a large group it would be nice to have but just take turns with it and don’t worry about what you don’t here when you don’t have it. Oh, and some of the things he would say were jokes that were too hard for ds to get at 5.


how much is palmickey? alot?
I want to buy one if I ever make it down to Florida, even though I’m 19 hee hee


I believe they are $65.00. I have the old version and the new one. The new one is much easier to hear gives more information plays more games, sings song lyrics and does more overall. He can be both a help and amusing and sometimes a burden depending on what you are doing. I am sure everyone will enjoy him on the first few days and then he may end up staying in the room a day or two. We left him in the room when we went to Typhoon Lagoon, Disney Quest and shopping otherwise we took him with us. But he is also amusing at home as he still plays games and such. Worth my money but then again my DC name is “palmickey”!


lil brer loves hers, and plans to take him back when we go in 12 days. Hers changes between his DVC and AP t-shirts that were free when we purchased him. We rented the previous pal mickey and she really said that it was difficult to hear and it didn’t seem to respond all the time. The new pal mickey does all that and more. She can’t wait to get back down there and get his light-up pin that he responds to as well. He is a lot easier to hear and they provide you with a lanyard now too. I wish I had one too cause she hogs him all the time. I’m just waiting for them to come out with Pal Minnie or Pal Donald. I want one of those guys since we already have a MIckey.


Well you would know! :tongue:


I love that little guy. He sits right here next to my computer! I would love it if they came out with a Pal Minnie. I wish that they would have come out with the clothes that they had talked about, that would have been cute. :mickey:


we have the old one, and I really like him. Sometimes it is a pain to carry him around the parks, but we took turns. We didn’t have any trouble hearing him, and he does repeat his message if you need him to. The games he plays are good to play while waiting in line.


We bought the new one in Sept. and really enjoyed it. Actually, less than an hour after we bought it at Main St Cinema, my DD dropped it out of her stroller somewhere between space mountain and the castle. I kept going back to the lost and found with no luck, then I went to the cinema to see if someone had turned one in there, and when I explained the story, the CM asked for my receipt, and came back with a brand new one! Pure Disney magic. We loved PalMickey and carried him everywhere. We basically strapped him to the hood of the stroller and listened to him all day. Very, very fun!!! And DD (almost 2) still plays with him once in a while in her room.


I was really excited about these until I saw the size of him. Just looked like a lot of trouble. Too bad.


We love ours. We STILL play with it!


the size of him? How big is he? uh oh…


We have the older style Pal Mickey. We had fun with him at first but it got old packing him around, on our last trip the poor guy spent more time in the room than he did the parks. He is hard to hear and the information is just okay, not great. Ours is fun but not a big help touring the parks because he’s so hard to hear. Maybe the new version would be better just because it’s easier to hear.