Pal Mickey?


Is it worth the $65.00 I really want one and didnt get for xmas. I just dont know if I should spend all that $$ for one. I need help to decide what shall I do


I’m heading to WDW for mid April and I’m seriously thinking about buying one for my kids. Change things up abit and you can always use entertainment while waiting in the lines!


Go to an outlet store and get the last version for $13.95.

Can’t you update them at the parks? Or maybe they figured out what I was going to do…


What are the differences in the versions?


Outlet store???
Where can I find one at???
I live in New Jersey and I dont think that we have WDW out let stores.
Will that version of palmickey do the same thing??


You might have some near you.

Our best one is the Character Warehouse in Destin, FL (about an 1 east of me). Their number is 850-650-0633. You can call and ask, and I believe they will ship it to you. For a while they were $13.99.

Now, I know it’s the older version. I DON’T KNOW if you can update it to include the new attractions like EE. You could probably ask the CM when you call, or give Disney a call. It does the same thing though.

Either way, I have trouble justifying $65 for a doll. $14, I have no problem with.


You can get Pal Mickey on ebay, too, I think, no?

We have two :dry: the first and second versions. When just the two of us go to WDW, he usually ends up staying in the hotel room, but we’re excited to bring him along with a WDW rookie along for the ride in May. :wink: He really is fun the first two or three times. And he’s fun to play with at home–nothing like a joke from Mickey Mouse to cheer up a sad day. :heart:


We have the original Pal Mickey. He was fun for a short time but after a couple of days it gets old so he ends up staying back in the room because he just adds weight to a backpack that seems to get heavier as the days go on. He’s a fun toy but I didn’t think he was full of helpful information. If you can get the old one cheap grab it but I’m not sure he’s worth $65.


YES?? Oh not me! Sorry LOL

I have both - the first one and the 50th Anniversary one. I take him with me and we find him amusing. The new one does more than the first. One thing that has finally happened is his clothes are out now. He has four outfits, one is a raincoat and boots, one is a pin trading outfit, another is a Mickey Mouse Club outfit and the last is a safari outfit. All very cute! :mickey:


We bought one on our first family trip in Oct 2004. He’s cute – and for my DS’s first Disney trip well worth the $60. However, we didn’t even take him last time we went. He’s cute to play with, but not worth lugging around IMO.


T24, it was funny, but we saw a family at MK who were so fed up with their Pal Mickey that they were trying to wrap him up in their sweatshirts – they couldn’t seem to figure out how to make him be quiet, and he was chattering so much that they finally stuffed him under the seat of the stroller!
We’ve never had one, but I would only get one now if he has an OFF button!


I think you are right. If I dont know whats going on around WDW I think I should stay home. MY sister said why am I gonna buy something that tells me what I already know.


He does have an off button! :mickey:


We got one on our last trip. And we love him. Sometimes he was hard to hear, but you can replay everything whe says. And he kept my DD amused in lines.