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I am just wondering if anyone has info. on the Pal Mickey doll from Disney world. Like some of the things that it says, and if anyone has any inside info. on the technologies used for the doll. Thanks, Cody.


Welcome to DC. :smile:

Here is the info from Disney.

More info here.

What does My Pal Mickey say at Disney World? Here are a few of his memorable lines:

[I]* "I hear the Alien Encounter is pretty s-s-scary. To see it, you gotta be 44 inches tall. Lucky for me, I'm too short!" - At The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter

* "Looks like Emperor Zurg is up to no good again! Why, he's stealin' all the batteries in the universe! Ooooh, why he's just evil! Somebody's gotta stop him! Any volunteers?" - At Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

* "Oh Boy! Goofy's Barnstormer! Ya know, me and Goofy have been pals since 1932. But back then we called him Dippy Dawg. Now that's a goofy name!" - At The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm

* "Gosh! That was so fast, I thought my ears were gonna fly off! Do they look okay? Still round? Whew!" - At Test Track

* "Say pal, whenever Goofy and me are at World Showcase, we watch Illuminations show from right here! It starts at nine o'clock tonight!" - At IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth

* "Guess what, in just a few minutes, some amazing acrobats are gonna put on a show over in Morocco. Wanna go see?" - At Epcot's Morocco

* "Ya know there are a lot more animals here in Africa. Just turn right and head for the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail." - At Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

* "The animals with white stripes are called Okapi. They look like zebras but are actually related to the giraffe. Their tongues are so long they could clean their ears with them. Yuk!" - In the Animal Kingdom

* "A long time ago, on a dark, stormy night, they say five hotel guests disappeared sorta mysteriously while ridin' the elevator here…that won't happen to us, right? 'Cause we're not going' on the elevator. Are we, pal?" - At the entrance to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

* "Oh … next time let's take the stairs, okay, pal?" - At exit of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

* "Gosh, pal. I think we may have broken the law on that ride…the law of gravity! Can you check my ears? I think I got bugs in 'em!" - At exit of the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith[/I]


I only know one thing about Pal Mickey. If you drop it in water, it’ll quit working. :laugh: My MIL works in MK and she gave my son an empty Pal Mickey that had it’s “voicebox” emptied out due to an unscheduled swim… :laugh:


We have a Pal Mickey & this was his second trip with us to WDW. Some things he tells you are interesting facts about the animals at AK, character locations, crowd levels at certain attractions, and often overlooked things that are about to happen somewhere near you. For example, we were in Germany and he told us it was almost time for the clock to go off outside. Throughout the day, he’ll randomly tell jokes or even start a sing along. The jokes continue when you bring him home. Now, my fiance has him so I can’t verify this but accordingly, a few months after bringing him home, he’ll tell you he wants to go back to WDW.

There are 2 boxes inside him with an on/off switch. He runs on 3 AA batteries.

We absolutely love having him along with us. :mickey:


An example of Pal Mickey’s comments. “See that creepy house over there? It’s called the Haunted Mansion. They say it has 999 ghosts. You’re not afraid of g-g-ghosts, are ya pal?” Or something close to it. Especially if you have kids it sounds like a lot of fun. Welcome to DC!!! You’ll have a great time here!!


aww…that sounds so cute!


Welcome to DC! I have two Pal Mickey’s. He also has four outfits available -Safari, Pin Trading, Mickey Mouse Club and a Raincoat and boots.


Thanks for all the info. I was reading some of the other threads about Pal Mickey and saw some people talking about how they thought he gets updated when you re-enter the park. Is that true? Also, does he ever say anything on the rides? Thanks