Pal mickey


I was thinking of getting my DD (6 yrs old) a Pal Mickey for Christmas. I don’t know too much about it other than it talks at certain times in the parks. Can anyone give me their feedback on it, whether or not its worth the $?


definitley worth it. we bought it last year, and DS2.5 loves it. it tells you about the parks, show times, and even rides that have little or no wait. it also does trivia and games to keep the kids occupied.


For a smaller child, I think it would be worth it. I am sure adults get enjoyment from it as well. I was suppose to get it for DD one year, but she was uninterested. Something about not wanting to carry him around the parks…lol


That’s funny you said that about not wanting to carry him around the parks, Dana! I was thinking that I’ll probably be the one who ends up carrying him around when DD’s sick of it!

Does he talk when he’s not in the parks? Was just wondering for when we have him at home, is he interactive at all?


He plays the games and stuff but can’t give you park info…lol That would be cool though…lol He programs from some satelite thingy in the parks or something…every time you take him back, he will update. Yes, once she mentioned not wanting to carry him, I dropped the idea…I wasn’t not being the pack mule for that thing too…lol