Pal Mickey


What is everyone’s opinion of Pal Mickey? Is it worth buying?


We bought a Pal Mickey in 2003 and it’s fun but quickly became more of a pain to carry around. He now has a spot on a shelf in my DS’s room and sadly doesn’t make it back to WDW now.


Kinda what I was thinking, also wondering about two kids sharing…yeah right!


:laugh: in your dreams :laugh: :laugh:
I think it’s nothing more than a toy.


My daughter loves hers. She has had him for 2 years now, and insists on taking him back this year. Now, granted, she loves him while at WDW, but at home, he just sits on the shelf gathering dust. So, if you are ok with the fact it is a gift your kid will only play with one week a year, I say buy it!!


If you decide to get one, check e-bay. Someone is probably willing to part with theirs.


DS has one and it faithfully goes to WDW with us. It was the only thing he wanted on that trip and it has been fun. Once in awhile he goes off in the house because DS has been messing with him and forgets to turn him off!! We got him in 2004.:redface:


I was so excited to get mine in 2005, we took him with us on our trip this passed April and he stayed in the room for the week. He did keep DC Bear company though.


We bought Pal Mickey in 2005, and used him on 3 trips. We didn’t take him this last trip in Aug., but I am glad we got him. We enjoyed him, but are probably done taking him with us.


:laugh: Yes, someone call me? :laugh:

I am just a big kid but I have three of them and our granddaughter has one. We have all the outfits that are currently available, I believe. I always take him to WDW and at home all of them sit on my computer stand. I don’t always take him to the parks but most of the time I do. :laugh:


I just bought mine on my last trip in may and I love it but i cant find it anywhere now. I think my dog ate him or something.I bought all the clothes for him and he is missing :frowning:


I was always tempted to buy one of those lil guys but figured id get bored of carrying him around the parks, I suppose if you could say rent one for a day I might but he’d just end up another cuddly on my shelf!


That thing was a pain in the neck, it wasn’t working right and then when someone fixed him, he was annoying!!! :laugh: