Pal Mickey


I was thinking of getting Pal Mickey when I go to Disney. I’ve got 120 dollars to spend on myself and the rest for my kids. Is Pal Mickey worth the cash? Or should I use my money for something else? did anyone here ever have it and like it?:confused:


I liked it the first yr. I brought it back the second yr. My DGD enjoyed biting his nose. We didn’t bring him this yr. At home he sits on the shelf. But of course if we had little kids around all the time, he might be used more. I think most people get a little tired carrying him all day. We just got back from the parks last week and I didn’t notice too many people with them.

But I bought it for myself for my 50th birthday. I’m glad I got it. It holds good memories from that birthday trip.


I bought one last trip and it really isn’t worth the money in my opinion. If you do really want one, check Ebay first.My kids got over it quickly and then you get stuck carrying it around.


I almost got him in 2004…decided against it at the last minute…I just don’t think he’s worth the money. I don’t need jokes in line or for him to tell me where to go or what to see. I think he’s best for small children and for people visiting WDW for the first or second time. He’s not for park vets who already know the ins and outs of WDW.


Can you bring it back year after year? Like I’m going to Disney World in January, can I bring it back like in 2011 and it still has all the stuff? I was curious.


As of right now, when you bring him back, he updates the info in his little brain. However if he doesn’t remain popular, I doubt disney would keep putting the money into updates for too long.




We bought one the year they came out and took it back at least one other trip. It was a pain to carry around and we ended up leaving it in the room most of the time. He’s cute but the information isn’t worth it.


I agree with everyone else here. We bought one in 2005 and brought him back with us in 2006. It was nice to have the first year because it is a cute idea but for the 2nd trip, half way through we ended up leaving him back in the room for half the trip because we got tired of carrying him around. He does get quite heavy after a while especially after hours of walking around the parks. This year, we didn’t even bother to pack him. I’m sure when our baby is old enough to go, we’ll take Pal Mickey again to amuse our child. Personally, save the cash for something else. He’s probably great for first timers but not for those already in the know. Hope this helps.


Each one of my children have one and they continue to bring him back each time we go back to WDW (that’s about 3-4 times now). He does update with new park information. My son used the belt clip so he didn’t have to carry him around and was very pleased with that option. My daughter, on the other hand, did like the strap because it was too hard to adjust to her size. I think he’s cute and my daughter bought him a change of clothes on this last trip (the AK safari outfit). Now, having said all of that, I still think that for the price it is not a worthwhile investment. Park maps work just fine and they fit in your pockets!!:laugh:


I have heard that you can’t hear him over the crowds!


I bought one my last trip and all the clothes to go with it. To be honest I buy on inpulse. I never think it. I so like him but like Dana said not for park vets. He does tell some funny jokes… Here goes one… Why did pluto tip toe around the camp fire??? He didnt want to wake up the sleeping bag. Ha Ha HA