Pal Mickey


I wasn’t sure where to post this. I have a Special Edition Pal Mickey from the Happiest Celebration on earth. The one in the tux. I am going to put it on ebay for sale. But I’m really not sure of what price to put it at. Does anyone have any idea? Are they rare? Thanks for all your help


FYI for anyone that has pal mickey. I have only seen a few posted on ebay and other sites. There don’t seem to be many out there. For anyone falling on hard times right now. You may be able to sell your pal mickey for a little bit of money. I will let you know how things turn out.


did u sell it?


I don’t think they are sold anymore. If they are, they are probably rare. I have one.


Yes I sold it.


anyone know where i can get a pal mickey? do they still sell them at the parks?


They sold them at the parks in Sept 08. Don’t know about now, but I assume that they still do.


I think they stopped selling them sometime last year! Don’t quote me, but I think that is what I heard! I bought mine in 2006.


not so rare as you might think…almost 400 listings for them on Ebay in the last 90 days…avg. price $56, up to over $200!! Think I’ll hold onto mine…


They stopped selling Pal Mickey last year, though if you have one they still work. I bought DD one right when they were phasing them out. She really wanted the safari outfit and we never were able to find it.

They have them on Ebay from time to time.

Glad you sold yours.


They definitely stopped selling them. When I was there in March, tried to get one for my DD (who couldn’t go on that trip) and I was told they were discontinued.


Here is the official site:

Walt Disney World Resort


is there anywhere besides ebay i can get a pal mickey??