Pal Mickey


Can anyone tell me if Pal Mickey is still operational in the parks providing all of the show times & parade reminders etc? I know they don’t sell him anymore so I’m wondering if he still “works” in the parks or not.


Thats such a good question? I thought I hadn’t seen any Pal Mickeys on our last trip- and I’d be a bit annoyed if I had one and he no longer worked, because if I recall they were quite expensive? Interested to know myself.


I have just read somewhere that he still works. It may have been on the Disney Parks blog


yes, we had our pal mickey in the parks in october and he still worked. DS (3) loves when mickey would shake and as he would say “tell me a story”.


OK thanks for the info. I am planning to lend him to my brother for his trip in May.


what exactly is this?


Yes, he still works. My DD brought hers on our trip in April to show our friends that had never been before. We only carried him the first day though.


Here is a link that kind of explains what his is.
Pal Mickey – Interactive Plush Tour Guide
Pal Mickey | Walt Disney World Resort
I think that explains it pretty well.