PalMickey & LovesEeyore Christmas Trip


It was finally the day we were leaving, we had a 2 1/2 hour drive to the airport and it was snowing! YUK! We both skipped work that morning as the news we had gotten the day before was not good so we did have a relaxing morning. We packed the car and headed out to pick up Linda (girl from work who was going with us again). Once we got on the highway the roads we not to bad, a little slower moving but we made it just fine.

I had checked us in on line the day before so we went through security and had time to wait. We went to subway and had lunch and waited. Some flights were delayed but we seemed to be on time. As the time passed they started pushing our time back but only by minutes so we ended up leaving about 15 minutes late.

The flight was good except for the woman who got sick in the row in front of us. We checked in with Magical Express and were on our way. We had a good bus driver and soon we were at Old Key West.

We checked in and took our carry-on’s to the room and grabbed a bus to Downtown. We went right to the World Of Disney where I purchased my Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End and received a matted picture of The Empress Ship with a Collectible Bronze Medallion and Authentic Piece of Sailcloth. I also received a children’s pirate watch that I gave to Linda for her Grandson. We went over to Goofy’s and did a little shopping and then went to the Rainforest for dinner.

I did not take the camera with us :confused: but the food was great. I got the pita quesadilla and it was so good. While we are sitting there my phone rang. Just so you know my phone never rings unless it is Brenda and she was with me. Brenda panics thinking it was her mom and something was wrong and it was a girl that used to work with us that I have not heard from in quite a while. This was to be the first of a few strange phone calls and times that Brenda would panic.

It was about 10:30 now so we headed back to our room hoping that our luggage was there.


alright, a brand new trip report. Keep it coming :smile:


agreede… another trip report… YEAH!!!


We got back to our room and no luggage yet. We started getting ready for bed and a knock at the door - Yeah! We had packed an entire suitcase of nothing but decorations and presents and still had a few things in other bags too. Linda had no idea what we had brought but we knew she was bringing a small tree.

We started decorating the room. After we were done I got out the first present. I got us all new autograph books with matching pens to start the trip with. I think it was 2:00AM when we finally laid down to get some sleep but our room was beautiful and BRIGHT. The next night we had to turn some of the lights off - to bright to sleep. :laugh:

Our Tree:


Our Stockings.


Our headboard (it is a window cling that left no marks on the bed).


Our first gifts.


We get up and head for the bus - it’s Animal Kingdom and Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party today.

We know that we are not going to be able to do a lot of rides this trip so what do we do first…The Festival Of The Lion King! We just love the show and you exit at Camp Minnie & Mickey where there are holiday things happening!

Every time this show starts it just brings tears to my eyes. It was a great way to start our trip!

Don’t you just love his deep voice?


I just love this guy and I finally got a few good pictures.


Where did you find these autograph books? They are too cute. I can’t believe in all the trips we never have gotten autographs.


I found them on ebay. The thing I liked about them is that they were spiral bound. There have been many times that a character has signed on the back of another signature and with this I could make sure that did not happen.


Cute tree!!! I love that you decorated your room with stockings and the decals!


After The Lion King we went right over to see Mickey! There were carolers singing christmas songs and the area was all decorated for Christmas. Here is a couple of the trees.


A close up.


This is the inside of the roof at Mickey’s.


This is a wreath hanging at Mickey’s that is also a Hidden Mickey. I hope you can see it.


And at last - It’s MICKEY. This is not a very good picture. We do not have our Photopass CD yet and the pictures on there are much better.


Now we were off to see Minnie. Her place was all decorated in pretty pink.


Minnie’s roof full of pink bows.


And here is Minnie! Now we had a lot of fun when we were with Mickey but when we got to Minnie’s we were a little out of control. The photopass CM asked us if we were triplets and of course I said YES!

I interrupt this thread for a side note: A few days before we left Brenda and I were at Walmart. We have people stop us all the time and ask if we are sisters or twins and we always just say yes thank you, it is just easier that way. Well that night we were leaving and this woman said Wow -for a mother and daughter you two look so much alike. Well as we are walking to the car I start saying well Mom where do you want to go now. Brenda says OH NO she was talking to you! Well everyone we have told this to agrees with me that it is Brenda who is the mom so I have just been having a blast with this. :laugh: Back to the story:

So Linda says should we tell the truth, and I said yes, we are the daughters and she (Brenda) is our Mom, and it just went from bad to worse. The CM’s were laughing, Minnie was laughing the line of guests we laughing as we all went back and forth having a blast. I guess you had to be there but it was funny.