PalMickey's Trip Report


Friday February 10, 2006

We were up early, who can sleep when you are leaving for Walt Disney World? The car was packed and ready to go and so were we. We made the drive to Indianapolis in record time and found the hotel just fine. We checked in and filled out the paperwork to leave our car there and they took us right to the airport. The driver that took us (his name was Mike) was just hilarious. Once at the airport we checked our bags early got our boarding passes and now we wait. (We were early!) We walked around the airport and looked in the shops and then went to Friday’s for lunch. As we are sitting there I get out our boarding passes and discover that we are sitting in seats A and C, what is that? I leave Brenda there and go back to the desk only to feel really stupid. I say we just got our tickets and we are not sitting together. He looks at me like and says yes you are there are no B seats in the plane. OK – no B seats – what is that? I have heard of no floor 13 but no B? Oh well, our flight down was a little rough, a lot of turbulence.

We arrive and head right for the Magical Express, and get in line. Then it hits me, there are children everywhere and they are all wearing the same shirts! I lean over very calmly and say to Brenda – please tell me there is not something going on that we did not know about. They were all young children and parents in bright orange shirts, now I am a little worried. We get through Disney’s Magical Express and to our bus and we were off. Soon we were driving under that wonderful sign – Walt Disney World! We were HOME! I am feeling better now – we are home! Then as we arrive at the resort, OH MY GOODNESS – CHEERLEADERS – LOTS OF THEM! I am starting to hyperventilate - Brenda says “I’m sure they are checking out” – yeah right! We check in and head for our room. As we walked out the other door - they were everywhere, walking to and from the rooms, walking towards the busses, and practicing cheers in the grass. It’s going to be a long week! We go to our room drop off our bag and jackets and head for Donald’s Double Feature (ASM’s Shop). This is always our first stop; we get our autograph book and leave for EPCOT! Our first stop - Club Cool. They had 6 different flavors and only 4 of those were working but we did try the Beverly! YUK!


So what was your favorite flavor at the Cool Club?

(I kind of liked Beverly not something I would drink for the refreshment value…)


Love it! Can’t wait to compare cheerleader stories! We should have rounded up a posse and stalked them right out of the park!


Cheerleaders! Don’t they ever have school? :slight_smile:

How was the Magical Express?

Waiting for the next installment!


China with the watermelon type taste. Japan was different but not as bad as Beverly.


Hmmm - Ol’ Beverly seems to have gotten a reputation here on DC. I’ll have to remember to try that one.

Yes - do tell about ME!!



If it ever happens again we will posse up and play round up. I think that they will fit very nicely at IASW! However, I would like to add a few Cheer Mom’s in there too! :biggrin: :mickey:


We have really never had a problem with the “Magical Express”. We have been there with very long lines and shorter ones but they really do move pretty fast. It looks a lot worse than it really is.

The only problem we did have wasn’t their fault. When we received our package from Mouseketrips none of our airline information was in the paperwork. I am not sure how that happened as we booked our airline first so we had that information from the beggining. So the night before we left I had to call Disney to be sure they knew when we were arriving. They put the information in and when we arrived they did have it in the computer.

However, they give you a little envelope with all of you departure information and your confirmation number for the bus ride back and we did not receive that information as it was not put into their computers in time. So as we were leaving for the parks that last full day Brenda noticed we didn’t have ours so we had to go back to the room and call ME to get the time and the confirmation number for the ride back.

We will continue to use them! :mickey:



The new Character Connection was closed so we head over to see Turtle Talk with Crush. Well DDDUUUDDDEEEE that was cute. We were in the very back as it was crowded but - very cool. We had decided we would eat dinner around the world, and try all new places. Our first restaurant - Yorkshire Country Fish Shop. We split a fish and chips, very good. We keep walking around the world, taking a few pictures and going through the shops. Next stop the Tangierine Café. WOW was that good! We split a Shawarma Lamb sandwich. Our last stop was the Lotus Blossom Café where we ate an egg roll each. Everything was great.

By now the winds were picking up and it was getting very cold. We had jeans and long sleeve t-shirts on but we should have taken our jackets, I had left them at the resort. We had walked all the way around and we were back at Showcase Plaza. The area was filling up fast as it was getting late so we picked out a spot behind the store to watch IllumiNations. Brenda was freezing so I ran into the shop and bought her a hooded sweatshirt. Everyone was in there trying to find something to try to stay warm; some guests were even buying towels to wrap up in.

The show of course was wonderful. This was the first time we had viewed IllumiNations from the Showcase Plaza side and we were a lot closer to the show. It was very cool to be that close to the fireworks!


STOP IT! you are making me hungry and I just got back from lunch!!!



Omg, that picture of the food is making me hungry! I want some right now! :biggrin:

Oh, and great report…keep it coming! :mickey:


moooooooooorrrrrreeeee please :blush:


Who knew French Fries were Morrocan. You learn something new everyday!!! :wink: Your TR is great - the cheerleaders are really cracking me up! :tongue:


Sorry Tigger… but sure was good!

Alicefan …at WDW French Fries go with everything! :mickey:


Here comes the best part of the day…

It was an Extra Magic Hour Evening so we checked our Times Guide for open attractions. GUESS WHAT? Character Connection was open – RUN BRENDA RUN! I love the characters! As we approach looking for a door we see Goofy outside walking around. We find the door and run inside. First stop – it’s MICKEY MOUSE! My heart just beats faster and faster when I see him, I fidget, and pace. I keep checking the camera, is it ready? Where’s the autograph book? When is it my turn? IT’S MY TURN – I run with arms open and hug him! You know…


How could he not!



Next it’s PLUTO and he loves me too! Now there is this empty place where I am guessing Goofy should be.


Next it’s Chip & Dale; they are quite the comical duo.

And notice this - Brenda is working her way into all of my pictures!


Love the pictures and the report, more please


How Sweet - :wub: I LOVE TIGGER! :wub: