We were accidentally at Walt Disney World for the opening of Pandora. Truthfully, I wasn’t all that thrilled with our timing. All it meant to me was bigger crowds all over. I’ve never seen Avatar so I wasn’t even looking forward to seeing the new part of the park. However…

Disney did an AMAZING job with Pandora and Flight of Passage. The whole area is beautiful, especially at night. I didn’t do any research before we left, I wasn’t even sure we would go see it. I was actually pretty sure we would skip it. We decided to brave the crowds on Monday (May 29) and see what it was all about. I’m so glad we did. Flight of Passage is awesome, we loved it. I didn’t book a fastpass since I wasn’t sure what the ride was about and I wasn’t sure our son would like it since he’s not a thrill ride guy. I booked a fastpass for Na’vi River instead. I guessed that was tamer since it didn’t have a height requirement. I could not have been more wrong-Nate LOVED Flight of Passage. We got to the park a few minutes before 8 (7am EMH) and had a 90 minute wait. We enjoyed Flight of Passage so much we went back two more times and rode standby. The whole Pandora area is beautiful at night. Disney did a great job with it.

Now, Na’vi River wasn’t all that great. It’s nice but soooo not worth the 2-3 hour waits we saw. The queue was all the way down a hot sidewalk. The people in line looked miserable and the end result is a short little boat ride.


Thank you for the update DT. We are on the fence if we will do them in September or December, and let the crowds die down. We are not fans of standing in line for 2 or 3 hours for any attraction. We did the same thing with TSM.


I think it’s worth it to use a fastpass for it if you can get one. It’s going to be tough to get one at 30 days out but you may get lucky and score one that someone cancels. We usually aren’t wait in long lines people but we did it mostly accidentally and didn’t regret it.


We did the same, rode FOP 3 times and if I had more time, would probably would have rode it even more. Flight of Passage is PHENOMENAL!!! Seeing my Sister couldn’t get her tickets until day of, we didn’t have any FPs so we stood in line the day we arrived on June 4th. It only took us 75 minutest to go through the line (posted as a 120 minute wait). The next time, it was posted 110 minutes so we got in line again, but took 250 minutes. Wasn’t bad though as made friends with surrounding people in line so went by faster than we thought. Then the luck happened. Was on MDE changing a FP time for another ride. Took a peak of what else is available…low and behold, Flight of Passage at 8:45pm. Grabbed it with a cheer!!!

To everyone curious, even if you haven’t seen the movie, or didn’t like it, FOP cannot be missed. Best ride ever!!!


We were there on opening day. We got FP’s for the river ride which to me was PoC in a different world. It was ok , but definitely not worth waiting in line 200+ minutes. The 250+ minute wait for Flight eliminated our possibility of going on that attraction so we will revisit in during our return in September.

Now the entire area was impressive especially the floating mountain. I too have never seen the movie but was very pleased with the area.

Understandably the first day the wait is going to be insane. Even the gift shop had a line getting into it. One CM told us it was all hands on deck that day. This particular CM was a trainer, but they brought him out to the park to help that day. It was an experience that we decided we want to have even though we knew it was going to be beyond crowded.


I was at WDW last week and rode Flight of Passage twice, once with a FP and once waiting in line about 100 minutes. Even with the wait, this ride is worth it. Right now, I’d say it’s my favorite ride of all time. (My wife and son think Soarin’ is better) My only complaint about the ride is the 3D glasses didn’t fit my daughter very well and she had to hold them during most of the ride the first time. My advice is to check the fit of your glasses immediately in case you get a loose pair so you can ask for a replacement.


Thank you for the advice / tip


Glad to help. The second time we rode the ride, we told the cast member about the loose glasses. She said sometimes they get stretched by the previous user. But the ride instructions tell you to hold onto the handlebars with both hands (you’re leaning forward while straddling a seat) and my daughter had to use one hand to hold onto her glasses. But the ride is awesome, worth the wait and I’ll definitely ride it many more times.


Glad to hear that the ride is enjoyable even if you have not seen the movie. I’ve never seen Avatar and have been less than enthused about Pandora but all the good reviews have gotten me a little more excited.


Is there any issues with motion sickness? I can do soaring and star tours just fine. Just barely manage teacups.
By the end of carousal I’m holding on for dear life. And that was a few years ago, it’s now grandpa’s job to go on with the kids.

I know the ride doesn’t spin, but still sometime people have issues.


I rode Flight of Passage 4 times in about 90 minutes before the grand opening at a special event. I can do any coaster just fine (once), Mission:SPACE gets me though. After ride #3, I was feeling it, so I took a break. After ride #1 and #2, no problems at all.


I get motion sickness on swirly things and Flight of Passage doesn’t affect me. There are a few “butterfly in stomach” feelings but it’s quick and you are so engulfed in the rest of the ride, it’s very easy to recover.


We went in Sept. We let the kids use our FP the first time around. We were going to AK a second day and it was going to be our turn, but it was so hot we decided to forget it. I was having some issues with the heat and was feeling a bit queasy to start with. DD thought it was probably best to skip the ride at that point anyway.

But DH and I are going in 9 days, so no heat issues to worry about this time.


We had 5 passes for FOP opening week. The 3 girls went on while Jeff and I stayed behind. We decided to pass and planned to give our bands to 2 of the girls to ride twice. When they came out we asked which 2 wanted to go again. Danielle (DD2) said the other 2 could go, she was good. I was surprised since she loves coasters. When the other 2 got off the 2nd time Emily (DD3) wanted to do standby for a 3rd time. That blew my mind since I can’t even get her on Splash or EE. Jessica (DD1) said nope, i’m done. What? wait, nooo. She’s a hardcore coaster junkie but 2 was enough.
Judging from this I think it’s one of those rides everyone will have to try for themselves.