Parade Audience...wohooo!


I just got my voucher for friday’s afternoon taping. I am thinking of getting my ds a shirt or hat that says “ITS MY B-DAY”. Maybe they will put him on tv (he is turning 4 on Dec 10th but we are celebrating at disney this weekend)


I will keep a lookout for him on TV! Maybe he’ll get a little bit of air time :c)

That would be really cool :c)


We’ll be looking for you! Let us know how taping goes!


Happy early birthday to your DS and good luck! I’ll watch for him! :slight_smile:


Awesome. Me and my fiance will see you on Saturday. We’re going just to see the filming and the stars that will be there.

Oh, and to answer many of ya’ll’s question to me: No, Goofy is not being filmed at WDW this year. He’s going to be at Disneyland for the filming…so I’m not helping with the filming this year. But no matter. I got to last year and it rocked.


I’m a little in the dark for this whole filming thing…what are they filming it for? There are celebrities there?
Anyone wanna explain it to me? bats eyelashes


The filming is for the Disney Christmas Parade hosted by Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa. The parade is being taped in four sessions this Friday and Saturday and will be aired nationally on ABC on Christmas Day.

As in past years, the production company doing the taping solicited e-mails from people who want to be part of the Main Street crowd watching the parade. Quite a few DCers will be on hand, myself included, for a shot at TV stardom.