Parade Fast Pass Testing


For those of you not aware, they are testing a new “fastpass” process for the parade for “optimal parade viewing spots” until November 12th at MK. If anyone is going to be at MK these next 2 weeks, please participate and give feedback on what you think.


I cannot begin to imagine how that would work. Does it not need extra CMs to man all those spots? and how many spots are there for how many guests?


hmmm…we’ll be there on 11/12 - maybe we’ll be one of the lucky ones picked to test it and I can report back :slight_smile: I am not sure how it would work either!


I’m with Dopey, I would think that would be quite difficult to orchestrate. Surely the parade isn’t such a problem? We never had a problem even during peak times.
Interesting to see if the idea behind it works and is eventually implemented.


Hope they don’t decide to take my spot and make it optimal. :slight_smile:


Why? They took one of my favorite shots in the MK and made it into the fireworks dessert buffet and charge $25 per adult for a spot that used to be free every night.