Parade schedules?


Does anyone have a schedules of the parades? I want to try and catch most of them this year! :blush:


I know that most of them are listed on the calender pages of the disney web site.
Walt Disney World Resort - Magic Kingdom Park Monthly Hours

Just select the park and month and click on the day (the number in the corner) to get that days schedule.

Hope this helps.


It will also give you any special events and any park updates like if any rides are closed.


Thank you! I am checking out that web site right now!!! :happy:


Does anyone know when WDW does the Spectromagic Parade? We missed it the last time we were there, and I would love to see it.


Like Missy said, check out the Disney calendar for MK. It details the times for every night for the next 6 months.

Spectro schedule will vary, based on expected crowd levels. During low attendance, it might only be once or twice a week. During high attendance, it could be twice nightly (usually one before Wishes, one after).


Obviously, I checked and it’s not there. I was hoping people who have been there, in September would know. Thanks anyway.


If its not listed it could be because it isn’t on.

What days are you going?


If the day you are planning to go is a party night, either MNSHP or MVMCP when the parks close early, Spectromagic will not be on.


Sept is really tricky becuase the park closes early and it stays light late. Normally spectromagic and wishes are only preformed a few nights a week, and cannot really be predicted this far out, but Sat would be a decent bet.


We are going Sept 12 - 19. I know that the halloween party is going on the 15th. We are not going to that. But, there is one night that the park is open late because it is the extra hours. I wasn’t sure it would be going on then

Thanks everyone


This is a good site for live schedules:

Walt Disney World Live Entertainment


I think the 3:00 parade is at 3:00.


I forgot, this is a better site for operating hours and live entertainment schedules:

INTERCOT - Walt Disney World Inside & Out - Info Central


But you have no idea how many people ask “what time is the 3:00 parade is at?” :smile:


:laugh: :laugh: I love that one AND the guests on the bus that say “We went to EPCOT today and we are going to Disney tomorrow” :confused: I dont even try to explain.


I make them get off the bus when they say things like that. If they are wearing mouse ears, I take them from them and tell them they are a disgrace to the uniform.