Parade Taping 2006


We will be arriving at Disney on December 2, 2006. That way it looks to me, that will probably be the day they will be filming the Christmas parade. Should MK be totally avoided that day? Does the taping last the entire day? It just won’t be the same if MK isn’t the first park we see!



Don’t avoid it. The filming doesn’t last all day. Besides, most of the crowd that’ll be there will be at the filming locations, leaving the rest of the park for your enjoyment. Go for it!


how do you find out about getting in to the taping??


Lightship Entertainment is the company that tapes the parade during several days of shooting in early December. They have a casting call on their Web site, in early November for people who would like to participate in the crowd scenes. You have to submit a registration form on their site and then you’re notified and given further instructions if you’ve been selected. DC’s own Rowdy Raider, a WDW CM, was kind enough to post a thread last November telling everyone when the registration period began.

If you’re considering being part of the taping, be forewarned that it’s a long, tedious process and that after seeing all the behind-the-scenes deception that is part of the filming process, you’ll never be able to look at the parade in quite the same way. If you’re interested, you can read about our Christmas Parade taping adventure.