Parades - Where Should We Stand?


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Been reading our books, links, the board… I am now confused :confused:

I have been told to go to Adventure Land in MK for the parades there, but won’t I miss wishes…
I was told to go to the beginning of the parade in MGM…
I was told to eat @ Hollywood & Vine then go directly to the night show.
I was told nothing about Epcot.
Don’t know what to do in Animal Kingdom…
HELP ME! :confused:


•Adventure land is a good choice to watch the parades, and you’ll still have time to walk to the front of the park to see Wishes.
•As for the MGM parade, my only advice would be to scout out a place with shade if it’s hot out. They give you a map of the parade route on the park map.
•If you eat at H&V (also a couple of other restaurants offer it, but H&V is a great choice) and you ask for the Fantasmic Dining pkg, you will be given a pass that allows you to sit in a reserved seatin schedule. Well worth the trouble if you go during a busy time of year.
•For Epcot, they don’t have a parade, but they do have Illuminations. There are several options to get a good viewing spot. You can eat at R&C, stake out a spot early, or rent a boat.
•As for AK, same applies for getting a shady spot. Look at the map to see the route and find a good place to stake out about an hour ahead of time.


We found that Frontierland was a great spot for watching the afternoon MK parade. Spectro-Magic we’ve only seen from Main Street


The best place to catch a WDW parade is wherever you can get a good seat, with a nice view. So don’t sweat it out.

One trick on AK’s parade. It leaves out of Africa, crosses to Discovery Island, comes through Asia, and then ends back in Africa. So one trick is go ride the safari just as the parade is starting. By the time you are done riding, the parade should be returning to Africa, and very few people will be hanging around, as most watched it as it started.


Oh, one more hint.

Parades are a GREAT time to avoid lines on attractions. My family catch parades only as an after thought. One year, we rode Buzz Lightyear 3 or 4 times in a row during a parade.


We watched Spectromagic from Frontierland once, and Main Street (on the corner of Tomorrowland) twice! Both were excellent locations! From our Main Street location we got a really great view of Tink as she flew down from the castle! That was an experience! :mickey:


We love to watch SpectroMagic form Liberty Square. The front row doesn’t fill up as fast as Main Street does and there I don’t think it’s as crowded over all.


For us, it is a tradition to sit in curbside in front of or near the bakery on Main Street. HAVE TO have those chocolate chip cookies to snack on. And for the Christmas parade…the hot chocolate is a must as well.


As long as I was a CP, for some reason I ALWAYS had to sit on Main street to catch both the 3 o clock and Spectro parades. If I stuck around to see them, that is. My brother and I had no line for Pirates cause we caught it during the parade!

IllumiNations at Epcot: The best seats are probably right at the “front”; The area in front of the lake, directly between World Showcase and FutureWorld, where most everyone crowds. Last time I saw it, we found some seats off to the side, somewhere close to Mexico, Norway and China, and we saw it just fine. There are some benches there as well.

The trick with parades and nighttime shows is to GET THERE EARLY. Always gauge the crowds according to season. Skimp on dinner occasionally; grab some chicken and fries on your way to Fantasmic and eat it in the ampitheatre if they’ll let you, or take some fast food over to where you’ll watch Spectro, etc. My family must think I’m crazy, because I make them get to Fantasmic almost an hour ahead of time!