Paradise Lagoon Filling Up!


Today (October 14) Paradise Piers “Paradise Bay” lagoon begins its filling process, its going to take a good 3 weeks to get it fully filled up, but come early November, that empty pit that has sat in the middle of DCA for some time now will be full of Sparkling “Sea” water, and wont it be nice once we get to take a stroll through the lovely new Paradise Park Area? Coming Your Way January/February of Next Year.


Ahhh that makes me happy! :happy: I’m so glad it’s not going to look like a big nasty pit full of equipment when we go back! That was depressing.


Awesome!!! I can’t wait to see it with all the sparkling water again!


YAY!!! I am SO excited we won’t be seeing pictures of that concrete construction pit anymore!!! This show is going to be AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!


So according to a friend, I guess the lagoon filling is behind, which was to have began at 3pm yesterday…in full swing, Disney was ready, with cameras and all to film the filling process for the fast-speed video thingy…and it turns out the construction workers were not ready, so its been delayed a few days, I guess. Hmm…


Laaaaaame. :closedeye Hurry up, people!!! :laugh:


serrriously! I mean come on now people, you’re already 1-2 months behind in the deadline for the viewing plaza (Paradise Park), get with it already, its going to be spring and time for the debut for World of Color before you know it! :pinch:


Well, in all fairness it is one of the most sophisticated shows ever seen in Disney. But, seriously it is exciting thinking of the old show coming before our eyes and seeing the old, new, and future Disney characters come to life in a projection on water. There was a form of a rumor that was floating around that some Disney Imagineers were actually thinking about doing a small show for visitors, sort of a preview of what’s to come in World of Color. It was said that this show could be ready by the Holidays (Christmas time). This rumor I didn’t read too much into, and this only proves that it isn’t going to happen.


for disney it would be better after christmas and holiday period ,when attendance is up anyway…just after would give them a boost and some momentum goig into the new year


That rumor is completely not-true, the lagoon wont be fully filled until the middle of November, which means that the full testing of the new pumps, hoses, fountains and mechanisms cant go into effect until the middle to the end of November, along with the full testing of all the projectors, lighting rigs, lights, etc. So unfortunately thats not true, there however was a presentation earlier this year at a Disney conference where Imagineers, Press, CM’s, etc previewed some of the musical score for the show, amongst other things. The shows score has been written from scratch by one of disney’s/the worlds most popular conductors and everything is brand new, no re-used music is going to be used, obviously some disney-favorites will be used along with new scores, but nothing that is already in-use will be used, all is from scratch, its going to be simply and utterly - Amazing.


we have heard a two stage intro…but that is just a rumor…will let you know a little more in about a week …will talk to some contacts next weekend we will be there for a few days


Are you gonna come out and see it opening week? I know I will. :laugh:


Sounds good, I will be looking forward into hearing more as the lagoon gets closer to getting fully filled.



Are you gonna come out and see it opening week? I know I will. :laugh:[/QUOTE]

I probably wont, my schedule and my job wont really allow (plus I dont want to spend the money), from the October-June into next year we are pretty busy at the bakery, I probably wont make it down to DLR until my 2 week vacation this next summer, and I dont like doing day trips to the resort, too much in one day.


That’s too bad. I bet you get really busy during the holidays. Well let me and my sis know when you guys are coming down. It should be fun!!! :mickey::mickey:


I’m starting to doubt that we’ll be able to make it to DL in January as planned (our schedules are getting crazier and crazier for the next few months! :pinch:) but that just means we’ll probably postpone until Spring: perfect timing. :happy:


I will surely let you know, you two were a lot of fun! But this next time I go, I plan on going alone, so it will be much easier for us 3 to just relax and have some fun! :cool:


Thats actually awesome! By then, a lot more of DCA will be on its way to getting done, World of Color may be playing depending what time of Spring you go and the new Buena Vista Street (Entrance) should be under construction, should be awesome!


The lagoon…err…Paradise Bay is now officially being filled up, it will be fully filled near the middle of November. Yay!


Awsome!!! Will get to see it this Friday. :slight_smile: