Paradise Pier


has anyone ever stayed at Paradise Pier? i’m curious as to what it’s like to stay there. thanks to those who respond for your help.


I have stayed there and it’s…OK. I don’t mean to say that there is anything wrong with it…and I love the character dining they offer their(as well as the Japanese restaurant)…but as far as comparing it to the other two Disney resorts…it sort of pales in comparison. However, if it is the only way to stay in a Disney resort, I would stay there! Others have said, and I tend to agree, that it doesn’t have as much as the “Disney feel” as the DLH or GC.


Well, yeah…DLH and GC were built by Disney. Paradise Pier was not; it used to be something else, something non-Disney…which will certainly make a difference in the theming. If the “Disney feel” is something that really matters to you, Tragic, and is something that would enhance the quality of your DL stay, then DLH and GC will be your preferred options. If theming’s not a significant factor, then PP as as reasonable a choice as any, and gives you the convenience of being onsite (although it isn’t quite as accessible as the other two).


It was originally built by a Japanese company…I think it was the Emerald Hotel and then the Pan Pacific…Then Disney bought it and it became the Disney Pacific.

BTW…Disney did not originally own the DLH. Only the GC has always been owned and operated by Disney.


I’d thought so too…but my present understanding is that while it was definitely a Japanese company, it was not a Pan Pacific.

Every Pan Pacific I’ve ever stayed at has been quite nice…

But I’m thinking of making the big splurge myself for this fall’s trip w/ DD and booking the GC. :cool: :wub: :happy:


Tragic, package prices for the Disneyland Hotel are usually only a couple hundreds bucks more. I’d DEFINATELY stay there if possible. :smile:.


I remember it being the Emerald. And it was very snazzy when I stayed next door at the Travellodge… :blush: I thought it was the Pan Pacific too. But when I stayed at the Pan Pacific in San Francisco, it was much nicer…

Okay, flag on the play… I thought it was owned by Disney… As cast members, we had discounts… If Disney didn’t own it, who did? :confused:


I’ve never stayed there, but I think in October 06 I went there with my Heir Apparent and ate at the Japanese Restaurant.

It does have a Disney feel. However, not as much so as the Disneyland Hotel or the Grand Californian.

I do know that Rlander and Daisee stayed there… I think. :laugh: I do know they ate at the PCH Grill downstairs, where there are character meet and greets


thanks guys for all of your feedback. i appreciate it. disney feel is not a major priority in regards to staying on site. i’ll keep you guys posted on things.


We have stayed. It was nice. It is just so close to everything, the fact that it is not majorly themed was not a problem for us. They have a nice character breakfast with Lilo & Stitch. You can see and hear the evening fireworks from the pool deck. Rooms are generous in size and modern.


Jack Wrather owned the Disneyland Hotel from 1954 until 1988 when Disney bought it. :smile:

Cool info here.:smile:
Disneyland® Hotel: The Early Years 1954-1988


That book is cool! I might have to get me one of them! Thanks for the link:wink:


Yeah looks like a lot of interesting info and pictures in it. :smile:
Disneyland® Hotel: The Early Years 1954-1988