Paradiso 37


A couple of weeks ago I tried Paradiso 37. Based on my experience I can not recommend it.

I started with Jicama Orange Salad. It is listed on the menu as Skewered Shrimp & Jicama Orange Salad but there is an option to get it as a side salad without the shrimp. I did enjoy the salad would order it again.

For entree, I ordered the Enchiladas with beef and mole verde sauce. Server said that is the spicy one. First problem, it arrived while I was still working on my salad. By the time I got to it, it was lukewarm. However I don’t think it was very hot to begin with.

After taking a few bites, I actually had to recall that I had ordered the beef version. Wasn’t a lot of meat and no flavor. As to the spicyness, there was just a bit, but no way would I describe it has spicy. My wife would have had no trouble eating it and she doesn’t like spicy food. It came with black beans and cilantro rice. The black beans were watery. The cilantro rice was good though.

Service was indifferent. The restaurant is very load and I can’t see how people were having conversations. The music went between canned techo sounding songs to a guy singing live.

I normally give restaurants a couple of chances but I will be hard pressed to return anytime soon. I especially won’t be taking my wife there until I try it again.


This isn’t the first “meh” review I’ve read.
Pretty sad that a brand new restaurant is off to a lousy start.

And if you can’t decent black beans and rice in Orlando, that’s pretty bad.


We ate there shortly after the restaurant opened. There was no noise problem because the staff were literally begging people to come in for lunch. We thought “what the heck” and tried it. Although I can’t say I raved over it - the food was good. My dd had the tacos and I had that shrimp/jicama salad. DD really like the tacos. Our waiter was pleasant. I’d try it again.


truly have seen no really good reviews since the place opened,also the new chicken place downtown replacing MCD’S…seems to have had a chilly response also


We went there last November, it was pretty unremarkable, kind of like a million other restaurants I’d ever eaten at. Made me long for the POFQ Food Court, truth be told.


were is it?


We were not fans of Paradiso but we did enjoy Pollo Campero. It is not so amazing that we would go to DTD just to use a QS credit but if you are there and need a place to eat it is pretty good. The portions are generous and sharing the family meals makes it a great value (if you are not on the DDP).


I don’t see much difference between Pollo Campero and the Pollo Tropical down the block.
Not that I ever saw the inside of the DTD McDonald’s.
I will admit however to stopping at the McDonald’s down the street from the All Stars and BB for breakfast biscuits.

I take that back. Looking at the menu, Pollo Tropical has a wider choice of items.


It is in the middle of what was Pleasure Island along the waterfront. Basically took the spot where there were some shops and a fast food place.


I am almost certain it is also next to the “Pleasure Island” water taxi dock.
Certainly, Paradiso 37 is on the waterfront (which was a great movie!!).