Parents leave kids in room to go swimming


I’m really not so sure what to make of this, not being a parent.
Did they really need to take the kids away from their parents?

Parents Accused of Leaving Kids at Disney Hotel

Posted: 6:15 pm EDT July 18, 2009
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Two foster parents are accused of leaving their children inside a hotel room at Disney World while they went swimming.

Investigators say Kimberly and Stephen Simmons left a two and four year old child inside a room at the Caribbean Beach Club Resort for several hours on Friday.

A hotel maid found the children.

The children are now in protective custody.

Parents Accused of Leaving Kids at Disney Hotel - News Story - WFTV Orlando


well… 2 and 4, IMO is way too young to be left unattended. I think the kids being in protective custody is a good idea, at least until they can make sure there is no other neglect going on.

Maybe the kids were asleep and the parents thought they could run down to the pool for a quick swim and just made a bad judgement call…or maybe they are the type who such things all the time…who knows…the article didnt really say much at all


Having children invloves sacrifices. There is no reason this had to happen, the parent’s should have taken turns going to the pool if they did not want to bring the kids. It makes me wonder, how many people have already done this and not been caught.


Yep, they did need to address the issue immediately – both kids are way too young to leave alone. I am not sure if “protective custody” is any better for the kids psychologically. If I were the judge, I would probably opt for a family member to take the kids until teh parents could get their act together.


I do know that when I had my sister send her 8 year old boy to us for an Orlando vacation, either my wife or myself were always with the boy. That’s the extent of my parenting and it didn’t work out so well because the boy suffered from ADD (or ADHD) and we were never properly prepared to deal with those kinds of needs, nor were we warned in advance. Plus there was a bit of a language problem because he was raised in Israel with Hebrew as his primary language, and we don’t speak a word.
For that matter, even with airline provided chaperon, what kind of mother sends a child like that alone on a plane from Israel to Orlando with a change of planes in Newark?
(And my sister is supposed to be the smarter of the two of us? Considering what my IQ scored as, that’s really saying something.)


wow! our girls were 16 before id let them go the food court without dh or i… and then the 16 year old had to take the 14 year old with her and come right back and take the cell phone. I stilll am having a problem letting my 25 year old move to florida and still worry every minute about the 24 who lives in NYC … seriously in today’s world you can loose them in blink of an eye thees parents should be horsewhipped. they just took a great vacation and turned it into a nightmare for these children… great memories of disney for these two babies.


I think they did the right thing calling proctective services, even though they (Disney) were probably legally required to. Kudos to the housekeeping cast member for alerting their leadership and making sure the kids were safe!!!

Another factor may be that they were foster parents, so there may be some specific guidelines they are bound by/agreed to as part of the foster parent program with the government. Being in the Air Force, I know we have rules that even affect us in our private homes about how old and how long you can leave a child unsupervised. I haven’t looked at it for awhile, but I think it starts at around 10-12 you can leave them unsupervised for less than 2 hours. I know with my 3-yr twins, I sometimes get worried when they are playing in their room and it gets “too quiet”.:huh:


I can believe some someone would leave a 2 & 4 y/o alone. Too many parnets today feel self entitled and only think of themselves. Everything is me, me, me, me.
While protective custody is a hard decision I am sure the authorities had to do something. If I was the judge I would impose a good public flogging sesion in front of the parents family and freinds. And mandate that it was broadcst on the local news stations. This is not a jail type offense. Just something that warrants getting the M&D’s attention off of themselves and on their children.


Oh my gosh, I would never even consider it!!! I oversee a classroom of twelve to fifteen 3 & 4 years old and I won’t even consider turning my back to go into our classroom closet while they’re there. And Soundgod, I know you were wondering if child protective services really needed to take them away. Well, at least in situations I’ve seen, even if there is a tiny suspicion of neglect, abuse, etc. CPS will take the child into custody until some sort of investigation or questioning is complete. Better be safe than sorry I guess, it’s not necessarily a permanent decision.

Poor kidlets! Scary!

I hate to bring something like this up but wasn’t that the way supposedly Madeleine McCann went missing? Her parents left her in their resort hotel room while they went to dinner with another couple, or something like that? When they returned she was gone.


Jess, that’s exactly what they say happened. I am baffled anyone would leave kids alone who are too young to find their way out in case of a fire, or who wouldn’t know what to do if a stranger approached… etc. Bizarre.


another thought they were foster parents which a means these poor babies were already taken away from or lost their birth parents./ now this happens… they must be so scared … … my sister worked for cps in pa and the decision to remove a child is not made easily up here. i dont think they had a choice.


I know, it is VERY scary! Once again, maybe they were feeling too complacent being in such a safe place as Disney. Not an excuse obviously but I think people get too caught up in the facade that “nothing bad could happen here.” :pinch:


No, I’m sure that there are guidelines that specify that the children must be taken into protective custody after any event like this. I’ll admit I was quick and didn’t even factor in the very young ages of the kids. It really stinks for the kids too because they are already foster children. Maybe the 2 year old will have no memory of any of this, but the 4 year old will certainly remember having parents switched at least once. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I was thinking “they’re already adopted once, it can’t be good to have it happen twice in such a short time”.
Sadly CPS in Florida itself doesn’t exactly have a sterling track record. Let’s face it, if they did, this set of foster parents wouldn’t have created this situation to begin with.
But please everyone, keep in mind I’m not and never have been a parent, so I don’t know what I’m talking about. (Or do I?:blink:)

Edit: A 2 and a 4 year old alone in a hotel room? What kind of self absorbed idiots are these parents? Heck, they went out of their way to adopt them in the first place!


This is so sad. whats wrong with people now a days?!?!? Wasnt there just a thread last week to watch your kids while on vacation because of all the pervs going around


And that’s just at Typhoon Lagoon (see my thread in the theme park forum about last week’s arrest there)


I’m tellin’ ya, people are crazy! I won’t even leave my 10 year old at home alone while I drop another one of my children at a neighbor’s house. Maybe I’m a hovering, over-protective mother, but I’d rather know my children are safe than wind up with some badly injured, kidnapped or worse!


Unbelieveable! 2 and 4 year olds left alone. I still feel uneasy at times leaving my 17 year old at home alone. I’m always worried that something may happen. My husband calls me over protective. I call it being a mother.


I never cease to be amazed at what some people do as parents. Whether those children were napping or not when the foster parents decided to go for a swim is irrelevant…you just don’t leave children that young on their own.


Wow- 2 and 4 years old?? That’s insane. There are a hundred ways for unsupervised toddlers to be in danger in a hotel room.


They were taken away quickly, since they were FOSTER kids! :glare:

As a parent you use your judgement as best as you can . . . but this is just dumb, dumb, dumb beyond belief.

It just BREAKS. MY. HEART. how some people can be so careless with children. :frown: