Park at capacity


Just out of curosity…

A long time ago when my wife and I were on our honeymoon we stayed off-site. It was during the July 4th holiday and when we went to the MK we could not be admitted because the Park had reached capacity.

Now since then we have stayed on-site and not noticed but…
If you are staying on-site, can you still be turned away because of park capacity…or if you are staying on-site do you for sure get in no matter about park capacity???

I ask beause we are planning another trip during Christmas week and understand this is a very busy time, and this answer might make a difference between a condo and staying on-site.



I was under the impression that if you are an onsite resort guest, you were not turned away.


Yes, you can be turned away! But, there are levels to that and ways to get around it. First ones turned away are non-disney resort guests. Next to be turned away are non-disney transportation guests. The last are capacity issues. Get there early. Don’t try to get in at 11 AM. Do try to get in after a good rain. Typically, the MK is the park that this happens to more than any other. If you can’t get into the MK, I highly recommend Epcot because that is the park that handles large crowds the best.


I think it’s something like you can get into A park, not always the park you want to get in.


OK, we don’t usually travel during the times of year that this is a problem.


Yeah, the biggest problem day is Christmas Day at the MK. That park traditionally fills up to capacity.


I really don’t want to be in a park that is ‘full’. We were at WDW during Christmas 2007 and had a wonderful time but the parks we pretty crowded. We wanted to go to MK on CHristmas day so we got there early, did as much as we could and left about 2:00 when the park became so packed we couldn’t do anything. We got a ton done between 7 am and noon and after that it was just too crowded to so much so we went resort hopping.


what are the capacity levels for the parks? i imagine it is pretty high.


We were once ushered out of MK just before the afternoon parade as the park had reached capacity and there was absolutely nowhere to stand and watch the parade without being a hazard to other guests.
We were ushered through a ‘door’ in Main Street and into, what looked like a staff car park, we had to follow a CM and we ended up outside MK.
It was not just my family but lots of guests- some of which I would imagine may not have the opportunity to visit WDW again. This was in July either 06 or 05 cant quite remember. If I had been a day visitor I would have been very cross- and we were staying on property by the way.


MK is roughly 100,000 guests. At roughly 75,000 guests is when they close the parking lots. Epcot is roughly 110,000 guests.


Yeah, you can be turned away. We weren’t admitted into Magic Kingdom December 29, 2006 because it had reached capacity (11:00am). However, Magic Kingdom also filled to capacity on July 4, 2008 (around 7:00pm), and we were unaware until we reached Epcot after our monorail transfer and noticed all of the guests grouped around the monorail entrance and lined up at Guest Relations. Therefore, I believe if we had gotten off of the monorail at Magic Kingdom, we might have been able to get in.


That’s insane. I’ve never been there when it was filled, I imagine it’d be such a waste to even be inside the park.

How many people are there on averageat the magic kingdom on a normal summer day?


Well, maximum capacity also has to do with how many cast members are in the park. There are more cast members during peak season, therefore the maximum capacity is higher.


During the busiest times, not including the 4th of July crowd, the numbers seem to hit 80,000+ regularly. But, seeing that Disney doesn’t release actual crowd numbers, this is just an educated guess.


Actually, it only gets to 80,000+ at MK during Christmas and Spring Break. And I’ve seen it over 100,000 at once. Not really during the summer. In fact, on the 4th there was only 68,000 people in the park. Grant it, that’s capacity level 1, meaning no more guests can come in who aren’t resort guests, but that’s usually the top for summer. Bout 70K.


Like Dt, I wouldn’t even want to enter a park that is at capacity…no thank you!.. that being said, I was also under the impression that WDW resort guests were guaranteed entrance regardless…it’s on their brochure.


To A park but not every park is how I understand it. MK may be closed to resort guests but you can get in say AK that afternoon.


It briefly went to a Phase 3 before fireworks on the 4th! It was very short though. I was leaving work or else I might have had to go to the monorail at Epcot to disappoint Guests.


You are correct. If the park is at capacity you cannot allow anyone else in due to fire codes. Of course resort guests are the very last ones to be cut off from the park.


How many people have went through the turnstils in disney world fl.? I know i was watching something once on it, and it was only like the 500,000 guests in like the 70s or early 80s lol. I can’t find the answer on google :confused: ha.