Park Discounts?


I’m almost sure I’m asking my question in the wrong section. I was wanting to know if anyone knew what kind of discounts are offered in late Oct., early Nov.? Is free dining available then? Thanks


It is in the wrong section. No worries, I can move it over to resorts for you…;.not a big deal.

As for your question…

Free dining - never has happened yet
Discounts - maybe an AP or general discount for public…

If you can change your trip to August or September, I would jump on that…now


Last year we went in November and they offered a special you got a discount, really nice one, if you used the disney visa to pay for your trip. we got over $400 knocked off a 7 night trip at POP. Doesn’t make it quite as good as free dining, but close.


I couldn’t remember where I had posted. but now that I have found it, it would be great to have $400. knocked off. True it is not as great as the free dining but I’m looking forward to going in Oct-Nov. I hate heat so hopefully it won’t be bad. Thanks


We also received a $400 discount when we went in late November last year, but we don’t have the disney visa. Our travel agent got it for us. Watch for the codes on