Park hopper passes, recommendations?


We still need to pick up our park hopper passes for our May trip.
Last year we were on a package that included the passes, this year we are renting points.

Where do you recommend we get them?

I have AAA, will that help save a few pennies?



Go on and look for a link for discount tickets. She usually has places to get them for less. AAA does offer somewhat of a discount, but I’m not sure how much.

#3 has them pretty cheap. I think they were a little less than AAA when I checked around. Also had some cheaper. Hope this helps.


I just looked at the mousesavers link for the mousesavers discount on When comparing an 8 day park hopper for 1 adult and 1 child, it is 5 dollars more buying it from the Disney site. We always bought from the Disney site. Whenever you have problems with the ticket you can go right to customer service at the park and get it taken care of. What is also nice is if you lose or leave your ticket in your hotel, you can go to the customer service at the parks and get a replacement as you are in the computers. Does anyone know if you can do this with tickets from ticketmania???


AAA will give you a discount, but not much. I think I saved $10 on my seasonal pass, which is like $200-something. You could probably get better discounts through something else.

I just like getting mine through AAA because I have them in my hand before I go so I know that I can just walk in the parks without worrying about anything. :slight_smile:


WDW is offering free hoppers with free water parks right now. I just saved $140.00 and got more ticket than we had before!

Oh, Sorry! I just read that you were renting points.


We always get our tickets from Omar at Maple Leaf Tickets. He comes HIGHLY recommended! Check out their website…