Park Hopper Passes


While packing for a recent move I came across a couple of old park hopper passes from a trip my family had taken to Disney World back in 1996. These were four day passes and we only used two of the days. I know we have two days left, but my problem is I don’t know whose passes I found. There were six of us who went on the original trip back in 1996, but I only found two of the passes. Three of our original six are planning a trip back next month and would like to use up these park hoppers, but want to make sure that we can. I called Disney, but they said they can’t tell me anything over the phone and that I would have to bring the passes to the park and have them scanned to find out who they belong to. They also told me that the passes are not transferable. Since I was the person who paid for all the passes I don’t understand why I can’t use up the days left on these passes no matter who in my family originally used them. They also said something about some finger print and I.D. being tied to the passes. When we were there in 1996 we didn’t give them any fingerprints so I’m not sure what they are talking about. All I want to know is can I use the leftover days on these passes when I go next month?


I can’t help you there, but welcome to MB. I’m sure somebody has run into this before.


Hi and welcome to MB!! Yes, you should be able to use the passes, although they do predate the current ID system. It’s likely that the only info they could give you is how many days are left on the tickets. Families mix up their tickets often and I doubt WDW will be able to differentiate the 1996 hopper passes. Perhaps they can, but that would be an awful lot of data to store for 13 years!

Please let us know how it goes!


Holy moly, they’re good THAT long??:eek:


They’re good forever. That was before the days of the MYW expiring passes. I really think you would have no problem using them. We’ve also got some old hoppers from several years ago with a couple of days left on them. They were originally used before the fingerprint system existed, so there won’t be any identity tied to them.


Use them! They do not know who they belong to. We have some old tickets that still have water park days on them. Not sure when we will use them, but I know they are still good.


All you have to do is take the passes to guest relations at any park and they will give a new passes with the correct number of days.


This may be a little off topic but last time we were in Disney we traveled off site and wnt to the big orange. They were selling park passes so cheap. The man asked if I had any tickets I wanted to sell and I told him no but how would that have worked with the fingerprint process? He said that he bought tickets that still had days on there and re sold them.


I’m sure it doesn’t always work but what are you going to do–tell the CM you bought used passes? I’m sure many people have been scammed this way. t would be like buying passes from ebay, it’s a huge risk.


Thats what I thought too. Someone at my work was asking me if they should go on Ebay or the “big orange” to get tickets. I always always tell anyone get them from Disney directly or the Disney store. I would hate to hear someone getting scammed but I have always wondered about how those cheap tickets work. I just always thought it involved a timeshare untill I asked:pinch:


We didn’t go on our first trip to Disney until at least 2000 or so. We had the old passes and we did have extra days on them. My parents used a day for another trip and we put th extra days toward other passes a few years ago.
We just had to wait until we went to redeem them. We did not use the thumbprint until 2 years ago.


That is correct. Any pass from before May 1, 1998, even if it has days left on it, has to be exchanged for modern passes.


I am pretty sure the water park portion of the parkhopper expired. I seem to remember something about that back in the day. The phrasing was something like "water park admission only good from “x” days from first park admission date. The “x” being the length of time on the parkhopper. Does anybody else remember this?


Those tickets didn’t expire and are still good today, even though there is now a 4th park.
We had park hoppers dating from the early 90’s as well as from 96 that we rolled into Park Hopper Pluses in 2002. I am fairly certain that those passes have a 30 year life from the day you bought them.
They do need to be exchanged however for new passes.


I have checked tickets at WDW, the CM who helped us was fairly new so it took way too long, but I think generally it should be a quick answer.

I did find this on another site??? but haven’t tried it myself yet but will soon.

[I]Checking Days Left on Used Ticket

If you have left over park tickets from previous visits and can’t remember how many days you have left on them, you can have your ticket checked while at Disney World or you can call Disney to check their status:

407-566-4985 - Option #2
NOTE: This service is only available Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm.[/I]