Park Hopper


Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about which parks to go to. I am hoping you can give me a little more clarification about the Park Hopper option.

If I were to purchase a three day ticket with the Park Hopper option, does this allow me to enter more than one park a day, everyday? i.e. MK - day one, Epcot- day two, AK and MGM day three…is this a possiblity with this ticket?

Thanks again.


With the Park Hopper option you can enter multiple parks during that day. (i.e enter MK then hop over to Epcot during the same day)


The Park Hopper option allows you to visit all the parks in the same day.


It’s the only way to go.


Park Hoppers give you so much freedom!


Until last year, I was a firm believer in the “one park per day” sytem.

Well, we finally parkhopped, and it was SO AMAZING, that I can’t stop myself.

I must parkhop if I am anywhere near WDW.


We love to park hop. One park in the morning, go for a swim break at the hotel, then another park in the evening. Perfect.


Really, when you consider, AK and MG…, I mean DS can be toured in well under a day, you’ve just got to “hop” somewhere else!


You absolutely must NOT get tickets without the Park Hopper option.

I have been in 3 parks in one day. Sometimes it’s just to catch 1 ride or sometimes to head out of a park that’s really crowded.


We planned all of our trips as one park a day…then we parkhopped! It is the only way to go. We love parkhopping now! For example after all day at AK we will go over to MK for dinner and fireworks or to EPCOT for IllumiNations. We also plan one last day as a free kind of day and we have went to as many as three parks and did all of our favorite things one last time. :mickey:


With the Park Hopper - you can go anywhere everyday all-day.

[Unless Peppertink is with you. She was banned from MGM.]


So I’m all agog-why was Peppertink banned from MGM???


I can’t imagine doing WDW without parkhoppers! Do it! :tongue:


PARKHOPPERS FOR SURE!!! You can go to ALL 4 PARKS in one day, if you have the stamina! :cool:


That’s why I go in disguise now. :wink:


I was stalking the stars! :cool:


ROFLMBO!!! OMG that is two times in one day that you have had me rolling…I think the other was about beer, Whipalulus and ummmm… :eek:


I have no idea what you are talking about :ninja: You’ll have to refresh my memory :wink:


We’ll stalk about it later… :ninja:


Yes we will! So…do you like celery? :tongue: