Park Hopping


Dh and I decided that it was time to start Park Hopping on
our next trip. I would like to know the most efficient way
to Park hop. Any shortcuts etc. Thanks.:confused:


The good thing about having park hoppers is that you are not stuck in one park per day. As far as I can see there are no tricks. We often spend the morning at MK then head back to the resort for a swim and then to another park like Epcot for dinner. That doesn’t mean that we do that sort of thing every day. It’s nice not to be limited :wink:


I always use this to help with finding the best way to get from one point to the other while in the “World”.

OLP: Transportation Wizard – Our Laughing Place home of OLPTravel


This isn’t a park hopping tip, but if you are in DTD this is a tip for getting from the Westside to the Marketplace quickly…take the boat! There is a launch from behind Captain Jacks in the MP and the House of Blues on the WS.

Also, it may not be faster, but you can take the boat from Epcot to DHS instead of bus hopping. It says it takes about an extra 20 minutes to go by boat than by bus…but if you are having lunch in the back of the World Showcase, it may just be easier to grab a boat over for a relaxing ride.


One thing we love when park hopping is having evening dinning reservation at epcot, spend the day/ afternoon in hollywood studios then take the boat across to EPCOT arriving at (the back door as we call it) international gateway:heart:


While at Epcot, you can hop on the monorail and take it to the TTC, then you switch monorails or take the ferry to the MK. Also, if at Epcot, you can take the boat to the Epcot resorts and on to DHS and vice-versa. AK is a little harder to hop to.


One of the best perks of park hopping is crowds. We had planned on spending the entire day at AK, and you could barely move there were so much people. Hopped over to MK, where if was much better. Enjoyed the day, rather than stressing out over crowds. Worth every dime! Many times we will spend a lot of time at one park, but then DS’s ask if they can get one more ride on Space Mountain. Off we go to MK, to get in that last ride for the evening.


exactly. I love the option and it really is worth every penny.:heart:


Another good one is hopping between MK and EPCOT on the monorail (ask to ride up front).Then take a boat across to GF Narcoossee’s for romantic meal and watch fireworks:wub: or go back contemporary resort on monorail to chef mickeys:mickey: (I notice you have a little one so chef mickey might be better than Narcoossee’s:laugh:)


[QUOTE=mickeymotto;891999]I always use this to help with finding the best way to get from one point to the other while in the “World”.

OLP: Transportation Wizard – Our Laughing Place home of OLPTravel[/QUOTE]

Hey love this link what a great way to plan your transport


We have a Park Hopper plan that suits us perfectly. I arrange a schedule for the week that has each park in a morning slot and an evening slot, like so:

M – MK in the morning; DHS in the afternoon
T – AK in the morning; EC in the afternoon
W – DHS in the morning; MK in the afternoon
Th – EC in the morning; DTD in the afternoon
F – TL or BB all day
S – Open for flexibility
… and we make our dining reservations according to the schedule.

Most important, we arrive well-planned, but ready to be spontaneous and throw the plans out the window if something comes up!


I never plan without it!:biggrin:


We couldn’t live without hopping! If we get to a park and it’s too packed we usually get cranky and leave and go somewhere else! :laugh:

I don’t know any real “tricks” to it but I always recommend it!


Yeah, Bella… it would make me feel trapped.


Hi everyone, Thanks for everyones suggestions. I wasn’t looking to buy park hoppers. we already have AP’s. But I guess I wasn’t clear. What I was looking for was how to get from Point A to Point B. Sorry I wasn’t clear.


When we hop we always do one park in the am and then take the mid day break for ressies at a resort or a dip in the pool, nap in the A/C etc. Then we hop back to the park that has night EMH!

We don’t park hop unless the kids are dragging and need a break . . . most time we spend as long as we can at one park and then go home early and hit the pool! :heart: