Park hours planning tool


I just saw this on another site - - Vacation Planning Custom Calendar. :wub: This is a site where you can printout all the park hours and parade/fireworks times in a calendar or list format. it has hours/times through Oct. 2011. I had planned to write all of this info out on an index card - now it is done for me! :wub: :wub:


Nice! I may have to print that out for our trip in a couple of weeks (if we had a printer, that is).


This is great. I was going to do an index card too. It worked great last time. But hey, if the work is already done for me. Thanx for the link FairyGranmama


Thanks I will get it printed out to use as a guide for our trip this fall.


This is great. Thanks for the link.


My DH used this on our last trip & it was very helpful. Thanks for sharing!


You are all welcome!


Looks kool! I need it for Nov., so I’ll be back.


Thanks a bunch…Just printed my dates out.


so cool thanks for the post :wub:


Very cool tool. Thank you for posting the link. If I hadn’t already hand-drawn mine with coordinated chacters for each day, I would print one out for my trip:blink::ohmy::laugh:…hey, I have been super bored. What was I suppose to do?


I might use this. I have used the same excel template for the past 6 years. A few items added to this and I’m done. Much easier.


Wish I had seen this a couple months ago. I actually, as Dana did, hand wrote out each park, then each day and worked it all into my spreadsheet. Would have saved so much time, but it was fun doing it though.


Oh my gosh, what took hours, days and months to write, plan and tweek to perfection, took 2 minutes. Note to self…add to favorites!!!


Bumping again!

Hope this helps someone. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=FairyGranmama;1137149]Bumping again!

Hope this helps someone. :)[/QUOTE]

My Disney Experience wraps this up nicely for you, but still not quite as nicely as this tool if you like you stuff “old school” on paper. I still enjoy having it on paper, but I use the app as well. Too prepared? maybe:laugh: