Park Hours


Using September 24th as an example on the Disney Website for Magic Kingdom park hours how late will they stay open. It says open 9:00 - 9:00…does the extra magic hours start at 9:00 or is that when it ends? Sorry probably a dumb question but had to ask.


There should be a separate link to the Xtra hours. 9 - 9 are for ‘regular’ hours. The link will take you to the xtra hours.


Using your September 24th example, right under “9:00am - 9:00pm” it says “Extra Magic Hours”. If you click on that it takes you to another page that explains EMH, and then underneath it lists all the dates and times of EMH, morning and evening. It says Sept 24 is an evening EMH, so it will be open up to 3 hours after 9pm.



There are no dumb questions! :wink:


Actually there is but his wasn’t. :tongue:


I agree, not a dumb question. I was wondering the same thing myself. :angel:


Thanks everyone!