Park Hours?


We are planning our visit for Aug 5-7 and have a feew questions about park hours. On the Disney website they have the MK hours as 9-11 on Aug 5 with an evening extra magic hour. It says that evening EMH are from 1-3 hours. So what time would the park close on this date? I can’t seem to find a closing time for the EMH. THanks


I believe evening EMH are 3 hours long so MK would be open until 2 am if the park closed at 11pm.


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I believe you add three hours to the time listed for official closing, so that would put park closing at 2:00 am.


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They say that it can be “up” to 3 hours.I think they can do less though…not sure??


My suggestion…avoid EMH…they are CRAZY BUSY…When I went in Sept 06…it was slow the rest of time and CRAZY during EMH…


EMH is 3 hours after closing for the pm ones and 1 hour prior to opening for the am ones. That’s where the 1-3 hours comes from. They are talking about in general. As for avoiding the EMH in the evening…I wouldn’t. Not many people wanting to run around a theme park until 2am. I would hit them. It will be cooler than the day time and won’t be as crowded.


Has anyone stayed the entire 3 hours after park closing? If not, I HIGHLY suggest it! It was simply amazing how much you can do when everyone goes to sleep. : )


I agree, I wouldn’t plan to avoid evening EMH either. It’s much cooler and if you can get through the first hour the crowds will drop off pretty fast.


About three hours. You’ll probably be crazy tired by then, anyway. There is never an actual closing time… just a set closting time. You’ll notice that the park sort of just shuts down gradually. I have never seen anyone being kicked out or told to leave. They do not announce park closings (they do at Universal, though… no EMH there). They start shutting down the small attractions first, back to front. This is there way of getting you to the front, where the stores are, so you’ll buy a bunch of stuff. Disney is smart.

But, as many people have already said, I would avoid evening EMH. You can get so much more done in the first hour at the park than you can in the extra three evening hours. Why? Naturally, people on vacation have problems getting their booties out of bed. :laugh:


The evening EMH at Epcot was horrible when we went. But we were at Magic Kingdom til 2 AM and you could walk on any ride you wanted. Also, just being able to walk around the park at night without ALL the people/noise…it was really worth it. It was truly the best 3 hours spent at WDW in my entire life. :mickey:


Right now EMH are three hours long at the MK. I was there two days ago on Friday night and they were open 'till 2. My buddy was really upset 'cause she had to work 'till 3 am!!! :slight_smile:


Oh yeah! And one suggestion. Get as many fast passes as you can during the day for the bigger attractions and go to the rides around 10:30-11 pm-ish to start using them. Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain usually have about a 40 minute wait around the 10:30 pm mark, with the fast pass you’ll be through the line and off the ride within 15 minutes. Anything like Pirates of the Caribbean, Stitch’s Great Escape, Buzz Light Year, etc. should all be walk-on-able without wait around 11pm when the EMH starts.


The only time I saw an evening EMH keep it’s crowd longer was last August on a Sunday night close to Labor Day. Splash wait times were still over 20 minutes at 12:30 and Big Thunder went down for the night while I was on it. Every other night EMH in the MK and Epcot have been fine.


Well, I guess you haven’t been there during the holidays. New Years’ Eve EMH is killer (well, New Years’ Eve, in general, is killer). We were planning to stay until midnight, watch the fireworks… that didn’t last. We were all fighting with each other. The crowds were horrible. We left around 11… haha. But we got to see the fireworks off our balcony!


we did emh at Magic Kingdon in February and LOVED it. I would try to do it, I found the crowds petered down real quick and we were able to walk on the rides with very little wait, if any.

I would at least plan it and then if it seems too packed head back to the hotel. Nothing else to do than Pleasure Island at that time.


We love the EMH hours at the parks, and take advantage of as many as we can. We have taken the mid-day hours and gone shopping, or just relaxed back at the resort. Then back to the parks for the evening EMH til closing. It avoids most of the crowds, and you can just walk on to most attractions.