Park Hours


I’m having a minor freak out here. The official Disney site only has hours/parade schedules released through September 9. That’s a week shy of 6 mo in advanced! How am I supposed to finalize plans for making ADR’s at 180 days when park hours aren’t releasing before then? In the past I seem to remember them releasing a month at a time at 7 mo in advance. Am I crazy? Is this info available from another reliable source?


Look at the past hours history in allears or other sites. Do the best you can and be ready to make changes as needed. I hate the whole hours posting and 180 day ADR fight.


Pam&Rich, that’s what I’ve done so far. The park hours aren’t as necessary as the parade/show schedule since things like MSEP and Fantasmic are only shown minimally during our vacation dates as well as MVMCP. I’m assuming things happen on the same days of the week, not necessarily the same dates.


I forgot about the Fantasmic issue now that it is not shown every night.


I looked the other day to start trying to plan out our October schedule, and saw the same thing. I was wondering that also, because I would like to see Fantasmic this time, and also I know that the MNSSHP will also be certain nights.


I wonder if you were to try and book a Fantasmic Dinner pkg if ouu could get advanced info as to what nights it is being done? Just a thought.


I have had that happen to me before also for previous trips. I just tried to look at the patterns of the previous years hours and the month prior. I think also the WDW dining people will know when Fantasmic is running because they book the packages for the fantasmic dinner package.

I have only been booking my ADR’s about 2-3 months out and haven’t had any trouble the last 2 years. But I also understand some restaurants are really difficult to book so the sooner you can book them the better. I also have more luck with dates and times using the online reservation system rather than calling in.

Good luck and happy planning!! I hope you get all the ressies you want and please share with us once you book them!!


I have a Disney app on my iphone and it lists the park hours until September 30th. what dates do you need?


The dates are up in full till sept 30th on the Disney site this morning!!! Have fun planning


I have been freaking out over the same thing because our trip is Oct.29-Nov.5 so it is over lappin months. I just hope they come out before I have to make my adrs. At least they are out now for you, maybe I will be that lucky!


I need schedules for Nov 28-Dec 5. I did find I can get the full month of Sept on a couple of planning sites so I’m hoping they’ll continue to have the full month instead of adding 1 day at a time like Disney’s official site seems to be doing.

Thanks for your help everyone! I’ll definitely share my ADR’s when they’re done. :happy: