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Hello Out there!!! I was wondering how much time to plan for each park excluding water parks??? We are traveling with kids & trying to figure out what to attack first??? We are thinking to start small park to get to Epcot next & so on!!! Any Help or Information is appreciated!!! Thanks:blink:


Not enough info to give a complete answer. First time going? How old are the kids? How many days are you going to be there?


We are going with a 11, 9 & 2 year old!!! Also in the group of all of us is a 5 year old!!! We are getting there on the May 25th staying at caribbean & staying till May
31st!!! First time for all kids!!! Need more info???


OK my Favorite plan is to mix days. For example, MK in the AM, nap and Epcot at night. I always break it up, you will find more energy if you have that Ciesta.

Next, look at the Disney website to see the park hours then. I do extra magic hours in the morning, but I usually avoid them in the evening.

Also, You may want to do Hollywood first, as it is small and many things are scheduled.

SO a few days may look like this

Day 1 Hollywood am, Nap, Epcot PM
Day 2 Animal Kingdom, Nap, Magic Kingdom
Day 3 Typhoon Lagoon, Nap, Hoo Dee Doo at Fort Wilderness evening.
Day 4 Epcot am, rest, Downtown Disney for early Dinner, Hollywood pm
Day 5 Magic Kingdom until late lunch, evening relaxing at C. Beach pools
Day 6 Blizzard Beach am, Wild card PM
Day 7 Shopping or Kids choice am depending on flight.

AK is one park which can be done in one trip if necessary.


I would love to do that! We are going as a famliy of 11 & was just trying to figure out the best plan! I was thinking of doing AK or Hollywood the Sunday since we will get in around 3-4 (check in time)! I cannot believe all the things that have grown since I went there in '94!!! WOW!!! We also want to eat at Planet Hollywood is it usually busy??


You’ll definitely need the MOST time in the MK and EPCOT. AK will need a moderate amount of time (Depending on how much your little ones love to look at animals - there is ALOT to take in at the AK) and MGM, in my opinion, will take the least amount of time to do.

Does your family do thrill rides or do you stick to the shows and stuff? Because that will greatly affect how much time you may need, as well.

I would set aside 2 days for the MK and depending on what you see that you like at EPCOT, you may also want to split that up over 2 days. (It’s a huge park!)

Your resort has a pretty cool pool, so I bet your children are going to love it.

Have you been to WDW before?


Okay, the number one most important thing any one ever told me was to go to MK on an AM early entry day. As soon as the rope drops head straight back to Fantasy Land. RIDE DUMBO!! The line for this ride is HORRIFIC later in the day. If the whole party doesn’t want to ride Dumbo then send one party member to get Fast passes for Pooh. You can get ALL of Fantasyand done in under an 1 1/2 hours using this method. YOu will be glad you did as Fantasyland is mad house later in the day.

DEFINETLY take the break in the day and then go back in the evenings. As stated plan 2 days in the MK for sure, one of those an EMH day. The second day you can get all the characters at opening because you’ve already hit Fantasy Land!!


The 11 and 9 year old are going to want to do everything. The two year old isn’t going to care what you are doing. Keep the two year old happy with the simple stuff. Looking, watching, catch a few easy rides, parades and down time. Take turns with the adults and two older kids to ride the more adult-themed rides. The 5 year old is going to want to ride some of the rides, but, may not be big enough for all of the rides they will want to do. Especially with older kids around he doesn’t want to be left out with the “baby”. If the 5 year old can handle Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, he may just be okay with Space Mountain. Space Mountain is very dark, keep that in mind. He isn’t going to be big enough for Aerosmith Rock N’ Roller Coaster or Primeval Whirl. The Triceratops Spin is next to Primeval Whirl, so a melt down can be somewhat avoided. Slip away with the bigger kids for HTOT and RRC. Try to plan doing that around a show just for the young ones, like Playhouse Disney.

The 9 and 11 year old are not going to want to do the nap time. They are going to be too hyped up and more than likely would just wind up waking up the 2 and 5 year old. Understand that there may be a need for some time apart. Let one parent take the young ones back to the room for some unwinding time. During those 3-4 hours, let the older ones do what they want at the park you chose for that day. That’s really going to be the E ticket ride time. Use your fastpasses wisely during this time. Hint: Before you let those who are going for the rest leave the park, use their tickets to grab fastpasses for a ride they want to do.


If the older ones oppose the naps, use this time to send them to the pool or other resort stuff. I still would not let them try to do an 8am to 10pm w/fireworks kind of day. Way to tiring…


You need a solid guide book with suggested touring plans…unofficial guide to WDW has great ones for two days etc in bigger parks…are you early risers? Do you have meals planned and if so which ones? Are you on the Disney dining plan???


In order to see as much as possible, spend 2 days at MK, 2 days at EPCOT, and one day each at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. In terms of order, if you are going for the first time with children, I would do EPCOT first, AK second, HS third and MK last. The reason why is that if you do MK first, then children will expect the same kind of rides and entertainment from all the parks and will be disappointed. Doing them in this order gives each park a fair chance and eases them into the fantasy so they discover the fun and excitement in each park unbiased by previous existence.

Now if you have been to WDW before, then I would base it on daily traffic patterns, which you can find on many disney fansites.


Dana, don’t you make those beautiful park touring plans? Post some pictures


All I can add is there are people who can spend 3 days in MK, 3 days in Epcot, 2 days in AK, and 2 days in DHS as well as setting aside one more day for a waterpark and one day for DTD.
There are other people who want to be as surgically precise as they can and hit all 4 parks in one day.
I’d plan to spend most of a day in one park, but to hop to a different park after an afternoon break and then end the day in that park.


I would definitely have to say two days at MK for sure.


Since you have kids, I would say MK first . . . IMHO you aren’t in Disney until you walked down Main Street and seen the castle!!

READ, READ, READ all the books you can on tips etc . . . it will help you so much!

At check in have them print you out a show/parade schedule for each park . . . then plan your day the night before . . . this is always fun for the kids and helpful . . . you can spend a lot of time just wondering if you don’t have some kind of plan!

Everyone on this board has WONDERFUL ideas . . . stick around long enough and you’ll be an old pro!! :happy:


I TOTALLY agree with starting their very 1st trip at MK, this is really where the magic begins and they will remember it forever. Also, hit one of the original rides first. (my 1st Disney ride when I was 10 @ DL was Dumbo, so of course our 1st ride with the kids (at age 5) at WDW was Dumbo) Choosing one of the originals, it’s almost guaranteed to be there for generations to come, so your kids can share the memories with their kids! :blush:


Hello Yes we are early risers but the others not so much!!! Hubby & I just did our list of where to eat!!! Now we are on speaker phone on hold with 800 number to make reservations if available!!!


IMO I would save MK. I would do Animal Kingdom first then HS, then Epcot and save MK for last. Just my opinion… Also do MK in the middle of the week sometimes. Weeekends are filled with day trippers…and don;t forget the down time.