Park Maps


Anybody know if there is a way to get the maps of the parks sent to us before we go?


Only a true fellow disney fanatic would make such a request! I don’t know that the park does that though. When we got our final papers in the mail last trip, we got a very generalized map of the parks, it came in our “Welcome back Wagner Family” package of mail, with all our resort info in it. Not the same as you get when you arrive though.


I can send you some - I have some copies! :c) PM me your addy.

Oh, and I think has printable versions…?


Here is a big list of Maps. :smile:


I tried and they wouldn’t send them out.

{{{{{{That is sweet of you Erin!!!}}}}}}}}


I sent an e-mail once at the WDW web site and asked for the guidemaps and they sent them to me.


We actually downloade the maps for all the parks on my DH’s Palm.
That was fantastic. I will try and find that website for you and post the link as soon as I do.


Thanks everyone. I actually called WDW last night and the CM I talked to said she didn’t have anything to send out.


Possibly you could contact your resort and they may be willing to send you some. I contacted FW about a campground map because we wanted a specific sight and couldn’t remember the number. This is not a map they have available to the general public. They have a big book with all the loop maps in it. They made a copy and mailed them to me within a couple of days.

Ya never know, a kind CM might be able to help you.

Hope you get them.


We just booked the Contemporary for September, and (without knowingly requesting it) over the weekend we received in the mail a nice, personalized planning packet which included a series of park maps (all in one nice, fold-out deal).


Yeah, you’ll get those. It’s a nice purple folder (small) with small maps inside. They’re just sort of an “overview” though, not the complete, FULL map with EVERYTHING on it.

I’m sending these out to you today. I have them right here on my desk ready to go.


My brother was in WDW last month and dropped off maps for me this past weekend. They are in Portuguese, French, German etc…

Funny guy, huh?


I lost my DowntownDisney Map :sad:

So, it will just be the 4 parks.


You can Print them staight from Disney at these links. :smile:

Magic Kingdom Map

Epcot Map

Animal Kingdom Map


Downtown Disney Map

Boardwalk Map

Blizzard Beach

Typhoon Lagoon Map

Wide World of Sports Map


Maybe here??


WOW WHAT A DETAILED MAP!! 1st one i’ve seen with Crystal Palace marked! thanks!!


those maps are cool…thanks


thanks so much for these links. they are wonderful


I’ve always found it a little annoying that either high quality digi-maps or printed maps aren’t made readily available by WDW. I suspect that it’s due to agreements they have with Birnbaum and others.

Disney doesn’t exactly do a good job at giving stuff away. :mickey: :wink:

I must admit though, one of the best parts of day 1 of any Disney vacation is opening up a crisp new map during checkin… :wub:


Ready 2 Go pretty much nailed this one. Just follow his links.