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Hi everyone,

I’m very new here, so maybe everyone already knows about this, but I figured I’d post just in case.

A friend of mine posted on Face Book a few months ago about how she has her coffee while listening to Park Music on her computer to get her little Disney Fix every morning. I checked it out and love it.

It’s at a site called Live365 Internet Radio - Thousands of Free Online Radio Stations and there are several stations that play park music if you search using that as the criteria. My favorite is Magical Mouse Radio. They play the music from Fantasmic, The Carousel of Progress, and so much more including music from the lobbies of various resorts.

So, if you need a quick Disney Fix, or need music to add to your experience while reading through trip reports here on Mouse Buzz, head to Live 365, plug in Magical Mouse Radio and you can have a mini vacation!

Jennifer :happy:


I’ve listened to it for several years. I am a big fan of authentic Disney parks music. It’s a great website. My personal favorites are Radio Buena Vista and Park Hopper Radio.


That is very cool! Thank you for sharing it! I plan to use it often.:happy:


I listen to mouse world radio, and to wdwlive…

Funny how we all listen to different stations- will have to try the others.


I love Live365, I don’t listen to it all the time but it’s good for a Disney fix now and then.


I love subsonicradio!!! Try that one too!

Say it with me:
“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Subsonic proudly presents Disney theme park audio and music!”

This morning, I was listening to the audio from Indy Speedway!!! Please don’t run into the car in front of you… :laugh:


Last time I was at Disney, I looked high and low for a cd that had “authentic Disney parks music” but couldn’t find any. Does anyone know if there are any cd’s out there?


There have been several over the years. Sold at the park and sometimes online. Call WDW and they will be able to help you. I’ve also recently discovered that Disney is selling stuff beyond their website. eBay has a Disney store now. Try there as well.


We too like it for a bit of Disney feeling here and there.


Same here :closedeye but the closer we get to our trips the more we love to listen to it!!! :laugh:


I don’t listen on Live365 that much (I’m on a Spanish music kick lately) but when I do I like to listen to MouseWorld Radio and Sorcerer Radio. I mostly listen when I get sick of my usual music or near a trip. But as others have said, it’s good when you want that little bit of Disney.


Another good one is It has alot of theme park music and music from World Show case. I love the variety of music they have. We listen all the time.


thanks so much for sharing! Now…how can I get a tropical feel up here in winter immersed Western MA?