Park opening


On our next visit, which is in 156 days, I want to see one or two park openings. On our first full day there is EMH from 8-9am at MK, what time should we plan on arriving to see the festivities? We will be at BLT and were hoping to grab breakfast before hand. Thanks


MK doesn’t do the rope drop ceremony on EMH days, so there’s no point in getting there before 7:45.

For regular opening days, the MK rope drop is really quite cool. I would recommend getting there around 8:30. They typically open the turnstyles around 8:40 and let people gather below the train station but behind the rope.


The last time we were there for morning EMH (11/5/09), they did have the rope drop ceremony. I have never seen in done in the past on EMH mornings, but I was there and they did it! Maybe it is something new, maybe one of the CM’s on here will chime in to confirm.


oh thanks for that info, i’d hate to wake my little ones up extra early and then miss it…i’ll have to keep looking for that info. what about at HS? we want to see the rope drop there too