Park passes Q


I’m looking into purchasing our passes for our trip in July.
We have 2 non-expiring passes left over from our last trip, each with 2 days left on them.
Do I remember hearing that the ‘water park and more’ visits expire on the non-expiring passes? Making them just ‘hoppers?’ at this point?


I think they would still be good. Only info I have to go by is this explanation of the No Expiration Option.

No Expiration Option -
New Magic Your Way Tickets expire 14 days after their first use.
Electing the No Expiration Option means the guest is free to come back and take advantage of unused tickets at any time.
Extra cost to the base-price ticket.


I used a left over water park pass on a really old ticket last summer that was from before MYW tickets. I don’t believe any of the features expire on MYW tickets.


I think they are still good also. Call and ask - it can’t hurt. Oh, I mean ask if they expire. There is no way to tell what you actually have left unless you show up at WDW and go to guest relations.


I believe that it is only on the base ticket not for the water park options. To be sure I would call them and talk to them.


The plus options do not expire, either.

Last trip, I used plus options from tickets I bought 5-6 years ago! And when buying our 10 day non expiring MYW tickets (no water park and more), when weighing the options and speaking to a CM, they said the Plus options did not expire on the new MYW tickets, either!