Park Passes


Hi all,

I’m thinking of switching my plan from Orlando to Anaheim. However I have already purchased a 10 day magic your way with park hopper pass for 3.

Do any of you know if it is possible (with additional fee or otherwise) to move this from the Orlando park to the Anaheim?


That is a fabulous question - I really don’t know!
I hope so!


Thanks. That’s encouraging! I had hoped that I wasn’t asking a question that had been asked over and over.

I find it very odd how difficult Disney is to reach. Email only :sad:


I was not ignoring you, as I know many are not. I’ve never seen this question before. And I do not know the answer.


Wow Boss… now I’m a little nervous. Head’en into no mans land!!!


I know, Kengland - I’m not sure why they are so difficult - but maybe you can try this number, and just ask the question - maybe if they don’t know the answer - they can point you in the right direction.

THis is to CRO in Orlando.

I don’t know the other non-800 number for people out of the country.

I’m not sure where you’re from :c)


Good luck Space-Ranger.

I’m surprised Disney is unable to answer.


Am I in some weird Man-Zone, or do you two know each other?


ROFL! I was thinking this whole exchange was a bit odd. Like a PM in public. :laugh:

I don’t know the answer either, and have never heard of it. But I hope you get a GOOD answer!


I don’t think they are “transferable”, if you read the fine print on the back of the ticket it usually says that “they are not transferable”. Hope I’am wrong for your sake. Joe


I wonder if he can get a refund since they are unused and/or sell them and then use the money to purchase DL tickets?


That is what I was thinking…ummm…that’s a little scary…LOL!! :tongue:


I’m looking forward to hearing the answer to this question… I too believe that this will have to be an exception made on Disney’s part… I can’t imagine that that the tickets are interchangable… I hope that Disney makes an exception for you!


Well, unfortunately, I can pretty confidently tell you that no they cannot be transferred. I had a similar situation happen with an upcoming trip and the DL management made it VERY clear to me that they are two seperate entities. I would call the WDW tickets number (sorry I do not have it off hand) and explain your situation. In my situation they were able to make up my losses with a Disney grift card to use on anything in the the parks.

I hope it works out for you. Please let us know the outcome.


the DL management made it VERY clear to me that they are two seperate entities.

They flat out lied. Both parks roll up as part of Disney Corp’s financials. The whole purpose really for this excerise is that I’m getting a little nervous about the crowds in Orlando. The entire swan (my hotel) is booked for the two weeks I’m going (April 1-13). I read a review of the club floor from a couple fo days ago and it was horrible. My parents live in so cal, so we could let them visit the grandkids, take a trip to newport, san diego, etc if we need to get away from the crowds.

We’ll…I’m going to give it a try! I’ll let you folks know what happens


I know Corporate America can be a little frustrating, but I think what they are trying to say is that they are a company within a company… I work for a LARGE Bank and we have the same thing happen here, except that it’s not within the entertainment industry… they are separated financials, yes they are Disney, but two separate Financial reports… but I hope that they bridge that gap and help you get what you want…


Does the pass expire? If not just consider it an investment for the future when you do get to WDW. Prices will continue to go up. If you have to have the money I believe prices are running close to purchase price on Ebay.


two summers ago our family showed up at the MK gate with two 4 day hopper passes that I was given in exchange for tutoring. Turns out, the passes didn’t work because they were for DL! I went to guest services and after about 20 minutes of phone calls and upper level CM, I was able to use them towards the purchase of WDW passes. I had to pay the difference because the DL tickets were less expensive. Most of the CMs were not knowledgeable at all about the situation (I suppose it doesn’t happen very often).