Park Shoes - Again!


I know we have talked over and over about shoes for the parks. But I have a new question. 2 years ago I bought a pair of Teva sandals like this which I have loved!

They are the only shoes I have worn in the parks. Well, when DS and I were there for our day trip in April they bothered me a bit. I don’t wear them that often for just this and that but recently I took a fast walk with dh with them on and I got a blister!

Do you think they have just worn out or what? I am considering getting another pair, but I just don’t know. I really like to wear sandals in the parks. I have a pair of Crocs Nile syle which are comfy but I have not put them to an all day test.

Oh, and ds6 wears sandals too. I was kind of surprised at the past thread saying most of you do shoes and socks. Maybe he has been ok because he was mainly in a stroller in the past?


If they never bothered you before and are just starting too, you may just need a new pair. That said, I always wear sneakers to the park. Preferably ones that have been broken in well. Maybe grab the sandals and bring sneakers as back up.


I don’t know. If you had good luck with them try a new pair and see if they work for you again. I’m not a sandal wearer at WDW, I need shoes and good socks or my feet aren’t happy.


I’d definitely get a new pair of sandals and wear them in before your trip. Who wants to chance blisters? That being said, I have to admit I’m of the “socks and runners (sneakers, tennis shoes)” crowd. I’m so religious about it, I won’t let anyone in our family wear sandals, lol. It’s not only for personal comfort (although that’s most important). But I’ve seen people have their feet stepped on or run over by strollers or scooters. You have more protection with socks and runners.


I have never worn sneakers to the parks! I always wore sandals. But my favorite comfy cute sandals have just been retired. :sad: When I went in October, I used my Reebok flip flops and they are SOOOO COMFORTABLE! I’ll have to think of getting a REALLY comfy slip on sneaker for my trip in December. :wink:


I bought a really comfy pair of slip on sneakers and I found that they ended hurting since they used so much of my calf muscle to keep them on while walking in them all day! Does that make any sense? I too think I will wear sneakers, but I got those Land and sea ones from Lands end. Love them! Have to say though, I too am looking for a pair of sandles to wear as back up! Have considered a great pair of Flip flops as well! I will keep reading for all suggestions!


Teva makes a super comfy pair of flip flops. They run around $20.00.
I have worn mine all day long ( not at WDW) and they are very comfy!


I have worn my birkenstocks in the parks since I found them but I also wear sneakers it just depends what mood I am in I also have bought crocs that I have worn all day when I worked a subsitute teacher and my feet were not aching so I am thinking of wearing those the next time I go to Disney


I am very much obsessed with sneakers and socks as well. I just think they are more comfortable and safer. thank goodness I don’t have to fight my family for that, they quite agree about the comfort part of it all.


Thanks for the Teva info. I will have to check out their flip flops. I like their sandles for comfort, but they are not really my style, so I can’t see investing. Gonna check out the flip flops though!


Me too but this past trip I could not put a shoe on as I had hurt my foot so I got a pair of Nike flip flops and wore them all week. I would have never thought I would like them but I did.


Nike, huh? I will have to check those out too! You wore them all day at WDW, and not a problem?


I love my TEVA flip flops (as does the restof the family). We get a new par each year at They have a much better selection of colors than the stores. I can wear mine all day long - even at WDW!


My sons love their crocs. I prefer sneakers and socks in the cooler months. In the hot months, my toes need to breathe!


All day and no problems.


Thanks for the advice. I will wear my crocs more in the next month and see if I can scout out some new Tevas in the stores to try on.

I will for sure bring my tennis shoes as back up as usual.