Park Survival Kit


I am planning a large trip with extended family in April. There are 15 of us going and my parents are using their DVC points to cover the cost of accommodations for everyone.

I would like to put together a little “Park Survival Kit” for each family (there are five families total) and I am looking for more suggestions of what to put inside. I’ve listed what I have thought of so far below. Let me know what you would add!

  • The bag will be one of those drawstring nylon backpacks. We always carry one in WDW. I’d love to get a Disney themed one but haven’t had any luck yet.

  • Park Maps

  • Copy of our itininerary with ADR #s, etc

  • One Water Bottle strap/holder

  • Small pack of BandAids

  • Small pack of Kleenex

  • Travel sized Tide to Go

  • Small pack of candy/gum

  • Travel sized sunscreen
    -Small Hand Sanitizer

Anyone have any other suggestions? It will be the first WDW trip for one of the families (they have 2 small daughters, ages 2 and 4.5), the second trip for two other families (with a 10 year old and a 13 year old) and the other two families are veterans.


omgoodness, that is so thoughtful and appropriate, especially if there are ‘new to Disney’ guests along.
I can’t think of another thing other than, they really don’t like gum at the parks, how about no gum but maybe mints?


You might add some ibuprofen and dramamine for headaches and motion sickness.

Also, you could throw in cheap ponchos from the Dollar Tree and maybe some light-up toys for the kids.


I would be lost without a small pad of PostIt notes and a biro/pencil- I jot down things that I think I may forget or want to research later when I get home.


I carry a similar type of pack weith mewhen we go to WDW except I keep multiple bottles of water cuz I drink it likes its going out of style


I second LMM’s motrin/ibuprofen and the cheap ponchos. We take a handful of ponchos each trip with us and throw them out after a days use. They also come in handy if you need to sit for a show or parade and everything has not dried out yet. We usually have 10 with us to start each trip.

-I would also add tylenol. I prefer motrin for its anti inflamatory properties, but tylenol is the second choice for those who might have reactions to NSAID type meds or gastric problems.
-I would add baby wipes. You can get them in the smaller resealable soft packs. They are great for a quick hand wipe, or washing your face and arms if it is hot out. We carry a 10-15 pack and refill it each night in the resort. I like wipes better than the hand sanitizer
-A seperate card protected in cheap laminating sheets with:

  1. Everyone’s cell phone#
  2. resort phone and other important WDW#'s (407-wdw-dine…play…etc)
  • Consider recommending that everyone bring the single drink mixes. They are big $$$$ savers. Just refill that old water bottle, add a packet and shake. Makes the WDW water taste much better. And the little ones are more likely to drink it. I find the Country Time lemonade and orange Gatorade packs taste better than the Hi-C packs.


Depending on the amount of money that you want to spend… what about pins for the little kids? They might love trading.


How about a pack mule to carry everything?? :happy:
Sorry, not being a smart aleck - just wanted to join the fun. :laugh:
This really is a useful list of ideas. My suggestion is to pack light. You can pretty much buy anything you might need, and then you don’t have to carry stuff you may never use.


hehe, those bags are getting bigger and bigger. While you’re at it, buy a backpack :laugh:


I second Dixie’s suggestion of small Post-It notes, but for a different reason. The family with the smaller girls might find it handy to use those to cover up the sensors on the self-flushing toilets. My girls hate to be using the potty and if they wiggle a little too much in one direction their tooshie gets splashed because the toilet flushed. :laugh: I always carry a pack of the tiny Post-It notes in my bag. :happy:

I also second Rich’s idea of baby wipes. My kids are 12, 10 and 7, and we still need baby wipes. That’s another thing I carry everywhere I go! :laugh:

LMM’s idea of light up things for the kids is great too. I usually buy a pack of Glow Sticks at Michael’s before our trip. They’re about $1 for a pack of 15, and the package is not very big, so it is easily carried in a small bag. Then each kid can have a couple of glowing bracelets at parade time, and they don’t spend souvenir money on light up toys (usually).


I did this for our nieces and nephews (6 of them) last year but it was their Christmas gift before we left!

I did REALLY good at the dollar store:
-Ponchos 2 in a pack
-travel toothbrushes & toothpaste
-word search books
-baby wipes
-journals and pens for the Character Signing-belive it or not they had mickey pens on a rope to put around their neck.
DH and I wrote each of them a little something on the last page…
-instead of bottles of water, I got them their own refillable water bottles.
-i bought 3 travel size first aid kits, way cheaper than buying individual band-aid, and tylenol ect…
I bought Disney stickers and my DD-9 personalized everyones “kit”
It was a huge hit, everyone loved it!
~Good Luck!


Our must-have at the parks is chapstick! Our lips get so chapped from the sun.


I am such a chapstick junkie!!! I have one in every jacket, handbag, and vehicle!!!


You beat me to it! That is always a must.


These are all such fantastic ideas!

I hadn’t even thought of the single serve drink mixes. I live on those at work. Those would be perfect to bring!

We are also including those plastic Mickey head bracelets for “the girls.” My mom and I both have one and my mom loves them. She wanted all of the female members of the family to have one while we are there so we bought them on our last trip. The little boys will get a pin for trading. The older “boys” get my Dad to buy them a drink. LOL

I will be sure to post pics of a finished bag when I get them all together. Keep the suggestions coming (and I will start looking into that pack mule! :laugh:)


This may odd, but for the family with the young girls, a couple of hair elastics. My DGD always seemed to lose barrettes and then then her hair would be falling all over the place. I’d just wrap one around the water bottle or even just on my wrist.

And a few snack bars for the young kids too.


baby wipes. glow sticks. lanyard to carry resort/passes. last year we bought cheap bound small notebooks along with disney sticks for the kids to use as their autograph book, it was way cheaper. oh, disney pen. cheaper at home that in the world.

we had 15 people last year, 8 adults, 7 children. i think cell phones are the best invention for park visiting :happy:


Don’t forget moleskin for those blisters.

I have the mini m&m canisters (you can buy them individually at most grocery store registers) and stack 2 quarters and a penny in that order until full to carry with me for when DS wants to get a pressed penny. Just grab the canister and there you have it, .50 cents and a penny to press.

Instant cameras for the kids to take their own pictures.

Dollar store sun glasses for the kiddies. You always get a great pic of the kids in their sunglasses.


Based on some other posts recently from newbies going to WDW, maybe the number one suggestion would be to give everyone an idea what they “could expect” as far as wait times, meals, rides, etc. That will set the tone for a more relaxed and enjoyable vacation. Just a thought. The packs with all the basics is a great idea!


I always bring a small 1st aid kit (the case is the size of my palm and it’s approximately 3/4" thick) that includes neosporin, q tips, band aids, moleskin, tums/rolaids, aleve, etc…

Small pocket umbrella

A couple of throw away ponchos

(04) empty pint size zip lock freezer bags (to protect non-waterproof electric gadgets and wallets in the event of “rain” or fun rides that get you soaking wet like Splash Mountain)

(02) Shammies (wipes up water very quickly)

All of this takes up very little room in my back pack…