Park Ticket Prices


I was just wondering when the 2011 ticket price increases take effect. Does anyone know if it is January 1 or are they in effect now. We are going in July and staying using DVC points so we will be purchasing our park tickets ourselves. Sooo, if they are cheaper to purchase now or right before they go up then I will do that.



They already took effect.


I think they went up just after we purchased ours this year in August I think (thank goodness). So, I hope they wont go up again anytime soon!


They went up on Aug. 5. That’s usually the time of the year they go up.


Thanks, I had a feeling when they announced the price increases that they would pretty much take effect immediately. Darn:angry:


But keep your eyes open in a few months, I seem to remember about 5 yrs ago, the prices went up twice in one yr.