Park Ticket


Stupid question I guess but I need to know !! :happy: : With the REGULAR Magic Your Way Package (one park a day) when entering a park, can you leave and come back as much as you want? For example : enter the park in the morning, leave at the end of the afternoon, go back to my Disney resort to put on warmer clothes, take the bus back to the park and enter the park again with the same “ticket” (hotel key) ? :blink:


You got it. With the non park hopper ticket you can enter the same park on the same day as many times your heart desires. So a trip back to the resort for a break and then back to the same park for the evening is OK. Hope this helps.


Great! Thank you!!! :slight_smile:


Yup!! We’ve done it lots!! You just exit and you can still go right back in!


Yes you can.


I’m so happy to learn this because my last trip was in January of 2009 and I remember one evening in Epcot … I was FREEZING :snowman:, but I thought I couldn’t leave the park and come back. If I knew what I know now back then I would’ve gone back to the hotel before dinner to put on warmer clothes to be able to actually ENJOY the evening. This time i’ll go back to the hotel for sure, the evenings are so cold in January!!! Brrrrr


Also consider the ‘layer and locker’ tip if it is cooler than normal in WDW… We always layer in the am, grab a locker mid day and hit the locker around dinner time if needed. It was also a great place to stash items the kids bought during the day.


Interesting… I would be saving a lot of time by grabbing a locker instead of going back to the hotel hum… VERY INTERESTING :happy:


I have been known to also pack a softside cooler with Mt Dew since DW and I are not coke fans. We even put snacks in if we planned being in the park all day when the kids came with us. Lots of options. I have also seen many families pack complete lunches to save some $$$. Just a few more items to think about. The joys of planning.:laugh: Have fun.


Personally, I would have just bought another Disney jacket for sure. :redface:


About the lockers… is it expensive? Can you access the locker as many times as you want?


Open and close as many times as you want. You get a key they charge your the rental fee and a deposit for it. When you are done w/ the locker, turn in the key and get your deposit back.