Park tickets for 1 day


DS and I are going to spend a day at MK before our cruise. We get in to the Contemp late on Thursday go the MK on Friday and leave for the cruise on Sat. I have a room only reservation. Do you know if I can add just a one day ticket for 2 of us? DH and DD are on the reservation as well but they don’t get in until very late Friday.

I am just trying to avoid having to stand in line Friday am to buy us tickets. Maybe it won’t be a big deal? I have never bought tickets at the window. Places that sell them online don’t sell 1 day and I don’t really want to go the Ebay route.


You can purchase (2) one-day tickets at the desk when you check-in at the hotel. We have always purchased our tickets at the resort rather then at the gate at the park.


Ok, thanks, that should work out great!