Park tickets lost in the mail?


This is the first time that we didn’t buy a Vacation package. We rented points at OKW and I thought that I should go ahead and get the tickets before the prices go up in the summer.

About 2 weeks ago I ordered our park tickets. Don’t ask me why I did this so early, I suppose it keeps my excitement going bit by bit.

Anyway, the Disney website said it would take between 7 and 10 business days for the tickets to get here, but it is way past that time frame.

[B]My question:[/B] what happens if the tickets are lost in the mail? Are they numbered/reserved or can anyone who might find them use them?


I would imagine they are serial numbered Iris for the reason that anyone could call Disney and say their tickets hadn’t arrived and have the duplicates too.
I would call in now anyway just to have them note that you have expressed a concern already as to where they might be. They may be able to tell you when they were mailed and if they’re trackable? Also you could seek a bit of advice as to what to do if they don’t turn up at all at least you’ll have spoken to someone.
Fingers crossed they do turn up for you, if your mails anything like ours they could arrive in the next few days hopefully.


Thanks, Karen. I didn’t know if I should drive them nuts already or wait a few days. If I find the time today, I will call.

I’ll keep you up to speed on this :smile:


Oh no! I hope this is resolved quickly. If you have time to call, I would. Just for your own peace of mind!


Oh yes, look at my countdown. I have lots and lots of time. I ordered the tickets in part to have something else to look forward to until we go and with some thought of any rate hikes…


Lol I thought you were leaving soon for some reason!


I would give it 12 business days. If you don’t see anything by then, call them and follow up.


Ok, thanks Dana. I was going to wait until Monday afternoon. The good thing is that we don’t leave for a good long time


That is a good thing. They may pop up Monday!


I bought our tickets early and put them in my desk, then I worried I would lose them. I kept checking my desk, just to make sure they hadn’t walked away. :blush: :laugh: :blush:


They’ll be numbered so if they are lost in transit I’m sure Disney would void them and send you shiny fresh new ones!


Thanks Sarah, I kind of figured that they had to be numbered.

Ginger, this would be me - worrying that the tickets made their way to WDW without me. LOL
I would have them in the safe alongside the print out of plane tickets and whatever else is important.