Park to Resturant Transportation


Ok Need to know these things. If we are at a park and have reservations at a resort resturant can we take the tram and ride to dinner and then go back to the park and get our car??? Which park is near the polynesian


Magic Kingdom is near the Polynesian. You can take the monrail to get between Poly & MK. If you just need to get to your car after dinner, you can also take the monorail to Transportation & Ticket Center to get to the MK parking.


You could also walk to TTC from the Poly…it is SOOO CLOSE! :wink:


There are buses that go back and forth to the resorts from the parks. There is always a bus or at Epcot and Magic Kingdom, a monorail that will take you to the Ticket and Transportation Center. You might even be allowed to park at the Poly (for cost) because you have a reservation for dinner that night. You can walk from the monorail at the TTC to the Poly as well. You will also be able to see Wishes from the Poly, so you don’t have to feel pressured to be inside the park to see it. Finally, you could park at Downtown Disney and catch a bus to the Poly and then use Disney Transport wherever you want to go.


If you are an off-site guest and are going to pay the 9 dollars to park anyway,do this: If you are eating at the Poly the day you are going to the MK,valet park at the Poly. That way you will avoid the parking at the MK altogether. Valet parking is 7 dollars a day,so a 2 buck tip will make it 9 dollars. I do this every time I go to MK. It is worth a 2 dollar tip to avoid the hassle of MK parking.


thanks such good info