Park Transportation Question


I was having a problem getting to a early morning breakfast at Ohanas from POR. I happened to ask the Disney Moms Panel and was informed that the buses start runing to MK at 6:30 am for that reason. We would take the bus from POR to MK at 6:30, then the monorail to Ohanas for breakfast at 7:30. My question now is does anyone know if the buses only run that early for MK or does it work for AK aswell. My daughter is into the parks and rides (well me too) but my fun involves getting great meals along the way. We have a early ADR for Tusker House and am hoping it will be as easy as Ohanas to get to. Doe’s anyone have any insite.


The buses start running 2 hours prior to opening (give or take). You will have no problem getting to Tusker house in plenty of time. I highly suggest you catching a bus by 7am for AK…earliest ADR you can get for Tusker is 8:05am. As for the O’hanna meal, be at the bus stop for 6:30am…it will take you some time to get to the MK. From the MK you have to take the resort monorail to he Polynesian and that has to stop at the CR and the TTC BEFORE it even gets to the Polynesian.


Dana is right, buses start running about 2 hours before the park opens. I’ve heard a rumor about a character breakfast bus that starts before the park buses but I’m not sure I’ve actually seen it. Waiting at the bus stop in the early morning I have seen a bus marked VIP that stops at the bus stop but I’ve never asked where it’s going.