Parking at resorts


As we were going through our receipts from last years trip, I noticed a hefty parking fee for one night that we went to the GF for dinner and chose to drive. We were staying onsite…should we have done something to be able to not pay for parking while we were at dinner? we have several meals at resorts this year that we will be driving to, is there a way to not have to pay for parking?


We didn’t pay for parking at any of the resorts we ate at a few weeks ago. We just showed our POR parking pass in the front window and told them we had a reservation.


If you are staying on property and are just going in for dinner, you should not have to pay for parking. I believe there is like a 3 hour max, but if you show them your key to the world and tell them you have an ADR, they should not charge you.


If you’re staying at any of the Disney hotels you can park at the rest for free (unless you valet). Also, even if you’re not a Disney resort guest, you do not pay to park if you are eating at that resort.
Supposedly there is a 3 hour limit, but we have parked at the Poly at 5 and gotten our car at 11.
You mention the GF, and I know they don’t charge for self parking, only valet. The downside is that self parking is across the street. All of the parking on the grounds of the GF are valet only. But whatever your choice, you must drive through the GF’s guard house lane before proceeding to self parking.
Just make sure you display your resort parking pass for any guard.
By the way, only the deluxe resorts have valet parking, all the rest are self parking only (self parking means free)
All resorts have self parking. On last thing to remember, EVERYBODY PAYS AT SWOLPHIN, guest and non-guest alike.


I’ve never heard of the resorts charging for guests to park, we’ve always been waved through when the guard saw the paper on the dash.


We’ve never paid when “resort hopping” for meals, or even when we told them that we were staying at one resort and wanted to check out the other resort for planning the next trip.


You shouldn’t have paid for parking anywhere on WDW property. did you have your resort tag in your window? I would ask for a refund.


Thanks! so we must have valet parked? but you say that self park is free???hmmmm Maybe we were put off by having to walk across the street in our fancy clothes? we wont be minding this year, thanks for the info!


We went down that road last time we had a ressie at 1900. We could park for free, or valet for I think 8 or 9 dollars. Since we were doing b’fast on our way out we needed to get as much walking in as we could. Now, had it been dinner after a day in the parks and we were “dressed” we would’ve given it a 2nd thought since the lot was quite a hike away.
Like the Swolfin, at SOG everyone pays $5 a day to park, can’t remember about valet since we’ve never tried there. To my knowledge only ID card holders are allowed in for random day/dinner short passes. During our visits they are very strict on the ID checks.

  1. If you have the TiW card and valet to dine, your valet charge is waived- but you should still tip. You are only allotted to normal dining periods, not valet, eat and go to the park. I want to say it was like 2 hours. Not sure how much this is enforced.
  2. When we ate at V&A Chef’s table last November, they took out valet ticket, had our car waiting and waived the fee- but we still tipped.


Since we love everything about WDW, even the transportation, we never drive anywhere. Can’t give you any help.


Valet parking is free for DVC members or if you are on Dining Plan for meal. I got stuck once for a valet fee for a meal I paid cash for which really ticked me off.


Really? That would be great! do the parking guards know that??? haha

Is this in writing somewhere? where?


I think you must be parking at a DVC resort to use the DVC free valet parking… Before BLT opened, the valet at the Contemporary said we could NOT use the DVC discount. We have TiW (Tables in Wonderland), so we used that instead to valet park for free. He said that after BLT opened, then we could use the DVC perk of free valet parking.


I’ve never heard about free valet parking when you’re on the dining plan.
I do know that with TIW membersip (formerly DDE - Disney Dining Experience) your valet parking is comped.
Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are staying at any of the deluxe resorts and have valet parked your car, you can valet park at all of the rest of the deluxe resorts on that day.


Ive never heard of free parking if you are on the DDP. I think if thats the case everyone would be using it.
Ive never had to pay for parking when valet. I either used DVC discount or had my mom or grandma with me and they have a handicap pass.