Parking fee?


If you rent a car while staying at the WDW Resort, do you have to pay the daily parking fee for each theme park? i.e. MGM on Monday, EPCOT on Tuesday, etc. We thought it might be easier to have a car than to rely on WDW Busses since we have two little ones.


Renting a car is faster. If you are staying on property there is no charge for parking.

Unless you are staying at a non Disney resort or off property you need to pay. The cost is $11. You only pay it once a day. Save your ticket and show it to the CM at the next park.
there is no charge for DD or the water parks.
have fun!


Besides free parking if you stay on property, AP holders also have free parking.


Yup, if you are staying on WDW property, no parking fees. Unless you are at the Swan and Dolphin.


I also found out about an interesting Disney Dining Experience parking benefit. If dining at a deluxe resort, you can valet park your car for free. Now, here’s the part I’m not sure about. You are usually given a hang tag that’s the color of the day, and this allows you to valet park your car at any of the deluxe resorts that day. This isn’t the dining plan, but a membership program open to AP holders and Florida residents that as it’s main benefit gives the member 20% off the total bill including alcohol for up to six people, and we’re talking all of the best Disney restaurants, like California Grill and Flying Fish.
Sorry if this is more confusing than helpful.


Soundgod, even better! The Dining Experience is up to 10 people!!! We’ve been on that thing for years and years. It’s a great way to save money, as long as you visit WDW enough times to get use out of it. The valet parking is a huge perk. Even if you toss the hang tag, you can still get complimentary valet parking. They never scan the card.


Nope as long as you stay at the resort, Parking is free!


The parking in all the theme parks is free for people staying at a WDW resort. They give you a tag for your windshield when you check in upon request …they always ask me if I need one…lol


Requiem, are you sure it’s still up to a party of 10? I was sure when I renewed, they’d dropped it to party of 6. I know they wanted to charge for an extra card for my wife this year, which they didn’t when I joined.

Edit: well, both the WDW site and All Ears say party of 10. Now, where did I get 6?


Tell you the truth, I always thought it was 6 or 8 until I looked it up last year when we were doing a party of 10 at the Grand Floridian Cafe for New Years. Then I discovered it was for a party of 10 but I had forgot about the blackouts. I also just renewed mine, and the paperwork still said 10. We’ve had it for years, and I thought it was something like 6 or 8. Maybe it was a few years back…?


I don’t know. I renewed mine the day of Caveyfest, partly so I could get whoever wasn’t on the dining plan a discount, and I thought it said 6 on my paperwork. The New Year’s blackout does suck, doesn’t it. But you should try the brunch at Yacht Club Galley on NYD morning, if you’re there.