Parking for outside guests


We have a guest meeting us for the day. Does Pop charge a guest for parking in the lot? How does that work?


I wish i had an answer to that,but in most cases you must get by the guard,but 2 years ago my niece visited us at SSR and she just gave our name and room number and was allowed to park there …hopefully this helps but I believe that is how I remember it


We stayed at CBR once and my husband’s son came to visit us and they gave our name at the gate and they let him through. But that was maybe 7 years ago? If I were you I would call the resort and ask them how you should handle it.


My sister came to visit us in 2009 at CBR. She just gave the guard our room number and name and they let her right through. No charge.


Yeah they just need a name and room number and photo id


Are you driving a car? If not, get the parking pass anyway and allow your friends to use it the day they arrive. Staying at a WDw resort entitles you to free parking at the resorts and parks. Shame to waste it. If you are also driving and are using your parking space, see the above posts.


If you are visiting a hotel guest, you can park at that hotel.
In fact, we were staying at the Contemporary and a friend came to visit us and had no problem self parking his car for the day.