Parking lot special spots


I never have seen this before (though it may be really old news!!!), but at the parks, there is a section in the parking lots called “Diamond Parking” and when I got closer to the sign, I saw that it is from AAA… I don’t know anything about how you arrange to get it, but the parking spaces are the closest to the entrances, so if you are going to WDW soon, it might be worth checking this out through your AAA office! Wish we had!


When we purchased a package from AAA last year they gave us a parking pass for the Diamond Lots.

Sometimes we were asked to show the pass and sometimes not. Animal Kingdom did not have a Diamond lot at all. The lots for MGM and MK were great. EPCOT’s was being used for some other event when we were there.

I will say that every trip now we go to those lots first and see if anyone is out checking for the pass.


Depending on your local AAA’s policies, they hand them out if you buy a package from them or just your tickets.

They do get you parking very close to the park entrances. The rows right next to handicapped, as a matter of fact. If it’s really hot out, sometimes it’s easier to ride in the trams that take you back to your car instead of walking.

But if you’re staying til park closing, you’ll be very glad to have Diamond parking. That means you can walk to your car without standing in those long trams lines.

Some parks don’t have a special lot, they just reserve the closest parking spaces at the end of each row for AAA.


Wow! I wish I had known about this before we went!!! Hmmm, guess we’ll have to go back again!


How awful! HAHA! :tongue: