Parking prices went up


just seen on allears that parking rates went up yesterday. for a car it is now 11.00. the prices all went up by 1.00!

thought that information would help anyone driving to disney that is staying off disney.


If you are a member of “AAA” you can get this “Diamond Parking” pass that allows you to park really up close & get around these pesky parking fees. Also, if you are an annual pass holder I am pretty sure it’s free at all parks.


FL season pass holders still have to pay though.:nonono2:

Here’s the parking prices sign:


No, on the back of the ticket it says Parking Not Included!! But if you stay on property they let you park for FREE! Good to know about the AAA parking . . . I’m looking into that next time!! Thanks. :smile:


Seems like the trend… everything goes up!


APs and Florida APs get free parking. I don’t know about seasonal pass holders.
And there is the Disney hotel guests park for free thing. All the premium parks have been raising ticket and fee costs, not just Disney.


Yes, I am seasonal and the back of the ticket says “Does not include parking”


I wish I had known about the AAA parking. How much do they charge for that?


I tried this at my local AAA last trip, but they told me you have to actually book the trip through AAA to get the coveted Diamond passes. Wishy, did you find a way to get the passes just by being a member? If so, it’s a GREAT reason for me to BOOK ANOTHER TRIP and go try it out!!! :smile:


On the back of your ANNUAL pass, are you SURE about that? :huh:

I am almost 100% positive that one of my passholder benefits is “theme park parking.”


SORRY no I have a SEASONAL pass!! :mickey:


Val32 had it on our “Girl Trip” last week but I don’t know how she got the “AAA Diamond Parking Pass.” I will have to PM her and tell her to come to this thread. She obviously didn’t BOOK the trip through AAA because I booked it through my DVC points.


ahhhh ok, i think the premium and regular annuals offer it. Not seasonal, unfortunately.


My annual passes, which are printed on exactly the same ticket blanks as regular tickets and special event tickets say nothing about parking at all.


I have an annual pass and my DH has a seasonal pass. My annual pass covers parking, his does not…


Yikes! Good to know. It may not seem like much but it certainly helps to have the correct info when budgeting… :blush:


I double checked . . . it’s stamped on the little envelope they put the tickets in (the one that save them from being demagnetized) It lists my black out dates and says “DOES NOT INCLUDE PARKING” :smile:


This makes me so sad!!! Because I actually drove to Oradell AAA to check on it. (See my earlier post.) I wonder if they were just withholding parking perks to strong-arm me into buying a package from them.
The Diamond passes make a huge difference at a couple of parks, especially AK and MGM…


The only way to get one of the Diamond Parking passes is to book a trip through AAA. It’s one of the perks they offer for booking through them. You still have to pay for parking, unless you are staying onsite.


This is why I tell everyone to park at Boardwalk in the public lot.