For someone who always stayed resort as a kid I never experienced the parking lots. Now as a mom on a budget we are staying offsite. So my question is does each park have its own parking lot or is it one massive WDW lot?:mickey:



Each theme park has its own parking lot. They are quite big and plenty of space. try to get there early to get close to the front,but if not,you will have a shuutle that will take you straight to the front.


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and for non-WDW resort guests there’s a $14 a day parking fee.


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Now to the next parking ? If I was going from one park say ,Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios, would it be better to return to my car and move it to the park Im going to end the day at or leave it at the original lot? Also do the trams run to parks such as Ak even after theyve closed for those who parked there originally? Still trying to wrap my head around the transportation in between all of WDW parks. With only 4 days Im trying to make the best of our time.:mickey:



I’d suggest moving your car from AK to DHS. If AK is closed at the end of the day when you’re trying to get back to your car, there’s a chance that buses won’t be running to AK, anymore. Also, it’s usually a lot faster to drive than to wait for the buses. I think in the long run, it would be quicker to move your car from one park to the other than to wait for buses.


And once you pay for parking for a specific day, you don’t have to pay again if you go to another park.


She is right. Drive between parks. Once you have paid the parking fee at one park, you will not be asked to pay it again at a different park. Just keep the ticket that you get when you pay the first time. Parks are about 10-15 minutes apart with traffic. Have fun!


If I were to drive on-site then use Dis trans to hop between parks I think i’d start at the main hub, TTC, since it stays open the latest making it virtually impossible to get locked in (before 2am anyway). But, having my own car in the first place i’d rather drive from one to the other. It’s faster and a lot less hassle at the end of the day.


Disney will NEVER strand a guest! If your car is at a park that has closed, ask a CM what to do or where to go and you will be taken to your car.


They have the best customer service…perfect, no, but the best…


well thats good to know, in case we lose track of time and the park we originally started at closes, before we get to it. Its nice to know the mouse is looking out for those who might get too caught up in the excitement then to remember things like… the car:mickey: Thank yall



I would say it depends which parks you are hopping between whether or not you should move your car. If you are attached by monorail or boat, I would just use those options and leave the car where it is. It takes too long to make all those moves.

The exception would be AK, which is pretty much set off by itself, so I would drive there both ways.


Yeah, to me, DHS and AK are definitely drive to’s. AK is certainly out in the middle of nowhere it seems when you are driving from the MK. DHS is closer in, but still a pain enough to get to. I would certainly drive to those two and just remember like they said, once you pay for one, it is good for all for the day.


Parking isn’t bad at all. I parked at MK and took the bus to AK (decided to hop), that was one long ride, wish I had driven. I couldn’t imagine the trams quit running at closing time if there are still cars in the parking lot.